Donald Trump surrendered in Chicago

Donald Trump surrendered in Chicago
Chicago Tribune photo.

Donald Trump surrendered in Chicago.

He gave up, threw in the towel, fleeing Chicago with his orange hairdo between his legs.

Trump, the G.O.P. front runner, cancelled his Chicago rally on Friday. Supporters and protesters filled the U.I.C. Pavilion and streets.

Trump claimed law enforcement told him to cancel amid security concerns. Chicago Police denied his claim.

U.I.C. Pavilion is the worst place for an inflammatory personage, especially one running for president, to appear. There is no safe way to get in or out, avoiding clashing crowds of angry protesters and volatile supporters.

Picking that particular site was a recipe for disaster. The genius on Trump's campaign staff  who picked the Pavilion should be very publicly fired for choosing the wrong place.

The suburbs and exburbs, where most of Trump's supporters live, would have been a better choice. Chicago supporters and true believers would have driven to the event. Trump could have safely thrown the mother of all rallies in the land of manicured lawns, golf courses, shopping malls, vast swaths of parking lots, and arenas. The Walmart Nation.

Picking U.I.C. Pavilion demonstrates Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. If he or the people he hires cannot pick a secure place to hold a rally, how can they run a country?

Unfortunately, there are far too many Trump true believers. He is leading the G.O.P. ticket. That is a national disgrace.

Imagine, if you will, Donald Trump as president of the United States.

There would be great changes. Changes you can believe in. Changes in the realm of you can't make this stuff up.

The office, President of the United States (POTUS), would be changed to Trump of the United States (TOTUS). The title of Mr. President would be changed to "The Donald" or "Trump". The First Lady changed to the First Trump, or if he gets tired of her, the Second Trump.

The White House changed to Trump House. The interior and exterior redesigned like all Trump properties. Garish, gilded, and gaudy. The edifice, inside and out, would reflect the meretricious taste of Trump.

The main dining room, where state dinners are normally held, would be converted to a money losing Trump Casino. The guest bedrooms would be named the Trump Rooms. Portraits of Trump glaring down from the walls.

The presidential podium would be the Trump Stump. The Presidential Seal changed to the Trump Stamp.

The Rose Garden and other exterior property would be replaced with a Trump Golf Club.

Air Force One would be rechristened Trump Force One. The presidential limo, the Trumpmobile.  "Trump in Chief" replacing "Commander in Chief". "Hail to the Trump" would replace "Hail to the Chief".

America would become the United Dump of Trump.

Donald Trump is a symbol of all that is wrong with America. He fans the flames of prejudice, fear, anger and hatred. Those are not Democratic, Republican, conservative, or liberal values.

They are not Judeo-Christian, or other religious values.

They are not American values.

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