Presidential politics ignores the voters

Presidential politics ignores the voters

The election cycle is in full swing. Both political parties are trotting out their candidates hoping to get one elected as president. There is a certain dynamic taking place. On the one side are the establishment candidates. The status quo people. Staid, stolid, status quo.

These left and right wingers are on the same bird, the official bird of Washington, the vulture.

On the other side are supposed anti-establishment candidates. The hell, fire, and brimstone breathers. Alleged radicals and extremists. These right and left wingers are also on the same bird, the antediluvian dodo bird. They and their followers march single file to some far fetched ancient ideal of what America was in some time that only exists in the minds of historical fiction and screen writers.

None of the candidates is doing the two things vital to getting elected. Appealing to the aspirations, angers, and angst of average voters or adding voters to their column.

Instead, they are trotting out the party line, the anti-establishment line, or appealing to the party base, the fringe sitting on the sidelines. The candidates are pandering to marginal and single issue interests.

It is hard to determine if they are running for President of the United States or President of the Boondocks.

All of them are very entertaining in their own way. Politics is the new entertainment. It will not be long before television gives us reality shows about politicians. "Political Wives of the Beltway," "Keeping up with the Cruz's," "America's Next Top Politician," "Political Stars," "Flopped," or "Prancing with the Politicians,".

Instead of debates, there could be game shows, "Political Jeopardy," "Wheel of Power," "The Donation is Right," "Who Wants to be a President,". America could see just how mediocre, silly, and unintelligent their lovable politicians are.

Candidates are tapping into the the polarized and fractured demographics their two parties created. None are appealing to the every man. None are giving hope or allaying the everyday fears of families struggling to survive a stagnant economy.

A great candidate will appeal to the aspirations, anger, and angst of ordinary people. The candidate will give them a reason to hope for a better future, quell their anger, and allay their angst. Elections are not just about policy and wonky talking points. They are about human beings with human feelings.

Voters want to trust politicians to do what they promise or at least some of it. The voters do not want pie in the sky. They just want their own slice.

Not one candidate comes across as having a scintilla of humanity. There is no human touch to these people. There are only positions on old tired feeble issues.

A genuine candidate knows elections are about arithmetic. Simple addition. The majority of voters are either swing or independent, moderate center right or left. The object of the game is to add as many of these voters in your column as possible for the general election. Then, add as many of the opposition party voters as possible. Good politicians know and accomplish this. They tailor their appeal to all.

John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama, and their operatives, knew this. All of them got the center and opposing party voters in their columns.

There are no good politicians running for president. The current crop are appealing to special interest groups, mad hatters, and tinfoil hats. The candidates demonstrate the mediocrity of America's political class. A class that must be destroyed to put America on the right path.

There is another troubling aspect. Most of the candidates, sans Trump and Sanders, represent and serve their parties. None are claiming to represent and serve the people. They pledge allegiance to the party line, dogma, and platform. Voters have no say in the party line, dogma, and platform. Candidates fear the wrath of their party if they deviate. They do not fear the voters.

The presidential candidates are so far removed from average Americans, they have no idea what they aspire to, fear, or are angry about. They have no clue what American families discuss across the dinner table, in their living rooms or bedrooms. You can bet what the candidates claim have nothing to do with those conversations.

Candiates want to take America Back. From what? They want to make America great again, whatever that means. They want to keep the status quo in the name of progressive or forward movement. How contradictory is that?

People, we are doomed. There are no good choices for president. It is a pity, in a nation with so much talent and real accomplishment, voters are subjected to mediocrity, ne'er do wells, carnival barkers, and circus clowns.

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