Chicago needs a federal monitor

Chicago needs a federal monitor

"For Chicago Thompson has meant filth, corruption, obscenity, idiocy and bankruptcy.... He has given the city an international reputation for moronic buffoonery, barbaric crime, triumphant hoodlumism, unchecked graft, and a dejected citizenship. He nearly ruined the property and completely destroyed the pride of the city. He made Chicago a byword for the collapse of American civilization. In his attempt to continue this he excelled himself as a liar and defamer of character." (Chicago Tribune)

Not since the reign of William Hale Thompson has a Chicago mayor faced the wrath, vitriol, hyperbole, and approbation of the Chicago news media.

Two decades of the scandalous Daley administration did not bring such hell, fire, and brimstone.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel's testy relationship with the media is coming back to bite him hard. He is getting his comeuppance in spades. Hearts, diamonds, and clubs too.

The mayor's problems are of his own making. He made enemies of the press. He lost his communication skills and instead of controlling the message the message is controlling him.

Story after story. Scandal after scandal. No matter what he tries, he cannot not avoid bad press. Everyone, it seems, is calling for his resignation.


Emanuel was against firing Garry McCarthy before he was for it.

The Laquand McDonald shooting is the straw the broke the camel's back. Emanuel lost his messaging. He showed the city and the nation how indecisive he is.

He was against releasing the video of the shooting until he was for it.

Emanuel backed Superintendent of Police, Garry McCarthy until he stabbed him in the back and threw him under the bus.

He was against a federal investigation of the Chicago Police Department until he was for it.

Emanuel changes his mind faster than a speeding bullet.

Mayor Emanuel is running out of friends. The editorial boards of the two major newspapers are against him. Columnists are against him. Some alderman are against him. The Cook County Board president and some commissioners are against him. Other politicians are against him including the Clinton's, who he worked for. His other former boss, the current president, is silent.

Community leaders are against him. The cops are against him.

Emanuel will soon be alone. In his office on the fifth floor of City Hall. All alone, sitting on his throne. King of the city of ashes. King of the city he symbolically burned to the ground. A ruler without a realm.

There is palpable anger all over this city. Voter remorse is rife. The mayor keeps stumbling badly. His promises of transparency and clean ethical governance are hollow. We have opaqueness and scandal after scandal.

Chicago needs a federal monitor. Not for the police department, but for City Hall. For the mayor's office and the city council. City Hall is a pattern and practice of corruption and unethical government on a major scale. Throw in the County Building too for good measure.

The problems in Chicago, including with the police, are rooted in City Hall. The mayor and fifty aldermen. For some reason the aldermen keep getting a pass from the media.

City Hall is the cause of our dilemmas. They are not providing stewardship and guidance. City Hall is a hive of malfeasance and malpractice.

City Hall lost the trust of the citizens.

If Chicago wants a city that works City Hall must change. People must demand that change. People must be vigilant, overseeing that change. There should be no darkness in City Hall. It should be well lit and transparent as a clean window on a sunny day.

City Hall is just as responsible for the Laquand McDonald shooting as the officer who pulled the trigger. City Hall is responsible for the violence, bloodshed, mayhem, and murder on the streets. They are responsible for enabling the gangs and drug dealers, allowing them to grow into a power unto themselves.

City Hall is responsible for the high taxes you work too hard to pay. Their decades of fiscal unscrupulousness brought the city to the brink of bankruptcy. You are paying for their dereliction.

The mayor and city council ride roughshod over Chicago. There is an arrogant hubris emanating from the mayor's office and council floor.

City Hall needs a federal monitor. It needs a monitor to instill and enforce best practices in governance, transparency, and responsibility. Only an outsider overseeing city government can curb and hopefully end the pattern and practice of corruption and scandalous behavior emanating from City Hall.

Chicago's desperado governance must end.

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