Al Sharpton demands Mayor Rahm Emanuel resign

Photo: Chicago Tribune

It was only a matter of time before the Reverend, Al Sharton weighed in on the situation in Chicago. Sharpton is demanding the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emanuel over the mayor's handling of the Laquan McDonald and other police involved shootings.

A New York media personality is interfering with Chicago politics. A nobody nobody sent is opining on a city and people he knows nothing about. There are people, many in high places and some journalists, who take Sharpton seriously.

What is really bugging Al Sharpton? It is not the shootings. It is not white police officers killing black people. It is not the alleged cover-ups or supposed code of silence. It has nothing to do with race, civil rights, or human rights.

What really angers Al Sharpton? No one from Chicago called him. No Chicago politicians, activists, or ministers invited him to play in our playground.

Al Sharpton, the self proclaimed civil rights leader, was ignored. He was excluded. He was treated as if he did not exist. That is what infuriates Al Sharpton.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (PV Bella)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel. (P.V. Bella)

Mayor Rahm Emanuel is not going to resign. He is not going to be recalled, impeached, or ousted.

Contrary to Sharpton's claims, Mayor Emanuel is not in the middle of a recall vote. The state legislature will not pass a bill to oust him.

There will be no coup de' etat in Chicago.

That is not the Chicago Way.

If Al Sharpton wants to play on our turf he better learn the Chicago Way. Chicago politics is a game of primal self survival and preservation. Chicago politicians do not surrender, give in, or give up.

Sharpton better be a somebody somebody sent if he wants to play our game. Chicago does not need or want  a mercenary stranger from New York City dipping his fingers into our pie.

Here is what Al Sharpton and all the others calling for Emanuel's head on a pike do not understand. Time is on Mayor Emanuel's side. He can and will use all this to reshape the future. The mayor can and will govern, contrary to Sharpton's opinion on Emanuel's inability to do so.

These incidents will be forgotten. They will be yesterday's news. Fish wrap and birdcage linings. Chicago will move on.

Changes will be made. Crises will be averted. The news media will move on to other stories. Politicians will circle the wagons along with the city's power brokers. This is how it is. This is the reality.

Chicago has a rich history. A history of natural and man made disasters, scandals, crises, and catastrophe. Chicago, unlike other cities, is not stuck in the past. We move and keep moving forward. We rebuild and change. This evolutionary process is constant. It is what makes our city great.

There is something else that makes our city great. As one Chicago columnist likes to remind us, Chicago is a city of tribes with a tribal culture. Political, racial, ethnic, commercial, and neighborhood tribes. All with common and competing interests.

When tribal common interests are at stake, the tribes ally with each other to fend off the outsiders. We form a circle of defense to ward off a common enemy. Be it outside news media, mercenary activists, or self proclaimed civil rights leaders like Al Sharpton.

We may be from separate tribes but this is our city. We own it. We live here. Chicago does not need or want outsiders interfering with our city. Especially outsiders who know nothing about Chicago. Outsiders who are nobodies nobody sent.

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