The new immoral morality

The new immoral morality

I spent twelve years in  Catholic schools. I took a few classes in comparative religion in college. Over the decades I was a member of a few different parishes.

I have friends and acquaintances in the clergy from different religious backgrounds. I also know some atheists.

I learned what was moral, immoral, sinful or not right and wrong. I learned what not to do and what was expected of me . While my religion condemned certain acts or behavior, I do not remember condemnation of people. I was taught to live a moral life. I was never taught to hate others for the lives they lived. Hatred was considered immoral.

I do not remember anyone teaching or preaching to reject, shun, or hate people because of who or what they are. I was never taught to condemn people for their sins.  That is not my job. Only God, if you are a believer, is the final judge and arbitrator.

I was never taught to disrespect anyone. I was taught to treat everyone the way I wanted to be treated. The Golden Rule.

According to Christian theology, God is forgiving, if you ask. Something the moralist and absolutist circus clowns and carnival barkers conveniently forget or never mention.

We are all saints and sinners. According to Christian theology, we are born in sin. Life is a struggle to remain moral.

Hatred is a choice. An immoral choice. You cannot call yourself a believer in a loving God if you hate.

If, as Jesus taught, the greatest law is love, the greatest sin is hatred. We are a nation of mortal sinners.

This brings us to American politics  and the election cycle. Hatred is rife in politics, fueled by politicians, enabling journalists, political operatives, activists, and organizers. All of them evil circus clowns and creepy carnival barkers.

We are supposed to hate gays, abortion, pro-life people, anti-gay people, the wealthy and poor, whites, blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, liberals, conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans; wars on women, men, and children. The list of hatred is never ending.

We are supposed to hate language and suppress words because they are offensive to the tender sensitivities of hordes of social media lynch mob mavens living meaningless lives on Twitter, Facebook, and

Most, if not all, these people are liars. All this hatred being spewed is by design. Politicians and their tribe of cultists use hatred to divide us into herds of blood thirsty sheep. They depend on single issue and litmus test haters to garner guaranteed votes. They depend on hatred to mask the real issue in American politics. None of them have a clue how to govern and administer the nation.

Politicians do not care about issues. They care about getting elected and reelected. Job security is job one.

Speaking of America. There is all this talk from the right and left about taking America back, moving America forward, or restoring America. America is consistently mentioned. They never mention the United States.

United is a dangerous offensive word to politicians and their operatives. If there ever was a United States, they would be unemployed.

The worst thing that could happen in American politics is a determined group of people from all persuasions united into a solid voting bloc. So, they divide us by race, sex, sexuality, pro life/choice, and a host of other ridculous issues. Then, they or their cultists, preach hate. You will hate, shun, and deny the other. They divide instead of unite.

Political ideology, orthodoxy, and ideological purity are the new religions. Political parties are the theological gatekeepers. Political operatives, activists, organizations, and cooperating journalists are the evangelists and scribes, preaching hatred, vileness, and evil.

Politics created a new immoral morality. They created the Twelfth Commandment, "Thou shalt hate". (When politicians and bureaucrats started going to prison they created the Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not get caught".)

It is time for a reality check. We are humans, with free will. We have the ability to think and choose. Why do we let politicians, political parties, their operatives, activists, and organizations tell us what to think or choose?

Why do we allow them to divide us? Why do they demand party purity and strict obedience to their doctrine?

Because they can. They use the power of propaganda to brainwash the masses. They know if something is repeated enough times, people will believe.

God really is the Great Comedian. He and his bearded hippie son are laughing. They are rolling on a cloud while making lists of all the purveyors of false theology and hatred. Lists of true believers who follow the ideological political theologies. Lists upon lists of haters and followers of the political golden calf.

Lists of people who are going to the deepest, darkest, hottest depths of hell.

Folks, the joke is on you.

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