Kristen McQueary was right Chicago needs an apocalyse

Kristen McQueary was right Chicago needs an apocalyse
Attributed to Nick Bernhard. In the public domain.

In 1871 Chicago was destroyed and devastated by the Great Fire. Men of vision in commerce and industry rebuilt the city. They turned Chicago into a world class city. They did it despite and in spite of the politicians.

Urban Renewal renewed nothing.

During the 1960's and 70's Mayor Richard J. Daley used federal Urban Renewal funds to destroy and devastate vast swaths of Chicago neighborhoods. Nothing was renewed. There are still miles, in the aggregate, of vacant land where businesses, factories, and residential units stood. Most of it lies dormant in impoverished neighborhoods like Lawndale and Englewood. There are hundreds of boarded up buildings.

Over the past fifty years, Chicago was fiscally destroyed and devastated by the politicians. Now, the vultures are circling. The career politicians have no clue how fix the mess. Their only fix is higher taxes and they are loathe to go that route. Their job security is at stake.

Chicago Tribune columnist, Kristen McQueary, unleashed a firestorm of vitriol over her column. She called for a whimsical catastrophe on the order of Hurricane Katrina to strike Chicago. This would allow the city to rebuild its fiscal house, drive out corruption, and keep Chicago on its path of greatness.

It did not take long for marginal faux news entities like Chicagoist, Huffington Post, and alternet to attack. Offensive, insensitive, and tone deaf, were their choice words. What about all the dead? Those poor souls and their still grieving families? They wailed, rended their garments, and gnashed their teeth.

The professional perpetually offended angry carrion birds took to social media. They attacked in flocks. Plucking away, drawing blood, and spreading damnation like a plague. Typical behavior for lynch mobs.

It is apparent, in our supposed educated society, that people do not or refuse to understand metaphor. Functional illiteracy is alive and well. It is easy to shoot the messenger with ridiculous accusations of being insensitive or offensive. Like accusing people of being racist. The naive masses will believe anything. Allegedly educated people are so gullible.

Ms. McQueary is one of the best political reporters in Chicago. When it comes to fiscal matters, she is unrivaled. Kristen McQueary was right. Chicago needs an apocalypse to save itself from financial ruin, destruction, and devastation. It needs Death riding its pale horse with all hell following to anger people. To make them see the truth. To make them demand results.

Chicago needs to rebuild its financial house. If it takes a whimsical or real catastrophe to make people wake up, so be it.

There was nothing offensive or insensitive about the column. No apology was necessary. Unfortunately, we live in an age of perpetually angry, offended, and over sensitive people. Hordes and masses of them getting their marching orders from marginal news sources and organizations. They waste their lives forming social media lynch mobs. The look for any reason to attack. Facts and data mean nothing. Cold hard truth is irrelevant.

We also live in an age of perpetual apology to appease the know nothing lynch mobs on Twitter and Facebook.

All that matters is their tender feelings and their perceived feelings towards others. Their grief is interminable. Some are still keening over the Great Flood that supposedly killed everyone on earth except Noah, his family, and the animals on the ark.

Here is the truth. Chicago is a fiscal catastrophe, cataclysm, apocalypse, or whatever disaster term you want to name. Who is to blame? The person who stares at you in the mirror every morning. You elect, and worse, continually reelect the politicians who created this devastation. Yet, you form lynch mobs to metaphorically execute the messengers. Like the man said, "You can't handle the truth."

You should be ashamed of yourselves.

You prove the politicians' axiom over and over again, "Never underestimate the stupidity of the average voter".

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