Chicago Outfit was more honest than the Illinois Lottery

Chicago Outfit was more honest than the Illinois Lottery

The Illinois Lottery is refusing to pay people who win over $25,000 dollars due to the state budget impasse.  According to the Chicago Tribune, with no budget passed, the lottery cannot release money because the State comptroller does not have legal authority to cut checks.

The State of Illinois has a reputation for welshing on payments. Some vendors wait years to get paid. Some go out of business. Suing the state for collections is futile.

If you owe the State of Illinois money, they will get it. They do not care about your budget problems. They get paid. They will take your home and possessions to get what is owed. They will drive you into poverty.

Illinois is as vicious and ruthless as loan sharks when it comes to collecting money.The IRS is not as savage when it comes to collections.

Here is something funny. Chicago Outfit bookies always paid. Always.

Think about that. Organized crime was more honest than the Illinois Lottery.

The Outfit knew gambling is based on trust. Winners had to get paid. If not, bettors went someplace else. The Outfit lost its cut. Greed trumps dishonesty. Intimidation kept the bookies honest.

The bookies knew they better pay winners. There were systems in place to insure bookies would not get crushed on certain games. The winners got paid. The bosses got their cut of the action. Everyone was happy.

If a bookie did not pay, he had a big problem. Which emergency room would he go to if he lived that long?

If the Chicago Outfit ran the lottery, payment would not be a problem.

Budget crisis? Guys the size of refrigerators, wearing bespoke suits, huge feet stuffed into Italian loafers, pinky rings, and the ubiquitous large oily cigar would show up in pairs. In the offices of the comptroller, treasurer, governor, Mike Madigan, and Tom Cullerton.

The refrigerators would just walk in, loom over desks like predatory pterodactyls, puff on their cigars, and stare. Nothing would have to be said. They would just give the politicians and bureaucrats "the look" while filling their offices with noxious fumes. The glorified clerks and politicians would turn into wobbling wriggling gelatinous masses of fear.

A solution would be found quickly. The budget problems would be solved, albeit temporarily. The bettors would get paid.

Organized crime ran more efficient and profitable gambling operations than the State of Illinois. A group of uneducated men trumped the over educated glorified clerks and professional politicians when it came to gambling.

That is the joke. The joke is on you.

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