Rod Blagojevich, Drew Peterson, and John Gotti: Three peas in a pod

Rod Blagojevich, Drew Peterson, and John Gotti: Three peas in a pod
Rod Blagojevich leaves Federal Court after his conviction. He is throwing a kiss to supporters who showed up. (PV Bella)

Former Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, convicted murderer and former suburban police officer, Drew Peterson, and former Gambino crime family boss, John Gotti have three things in common. Their super sized egos, their big mouths, and their love of the limelight.

Those three things combined put them in prison.

When you get on the Federal radar or are facing a murder investigation, you are supposed to duck. Seek cover and concealment. Hide. Go so far underground no one remembers you exist.

These three were out there in your face, defying the authorities. What is more amazing, in the cases of Gotti and Blagojevich, they had a multitude of supporters and fans. In the case of Peterson some prominent gullible so-called journalists were his fans.

Hubris, excessive pride, arrogance, and conceit define these men. They defied the gods leading to nemesis, downfall caused by an inescapable agent. In the case of Gotti and Blagojevich,  nemesis was the Feds. In the case of Peterson, it was James Glascow, the Will County State's Attorney.

All three men paid the price of their stupid pride. Pride scripture claims, "...goeth before the fall".

Gotti is dead and forgotten. Peterson is rotting in prison, forgotten.

Blagojevich is in prison and remembered. Since his incarceration, there is news about him every now and then, as if he matters.

This week, Blagojevich hit the news again. He is probably keeps the clippings in his scrapbook to remind himself that he is somebody.

Blago's appeal of his conviction was decided. The appeals court ruled that five of his counts should be tossed. It also ruled that the counts he is still convicted of do not mitigate his sentence. He can still serve the fourteen years he was given, eligible for parole after serving two thirds of it.

It will be up to Judge James Zagel, who sentenced Blagojevich, to reduce his sentence, keep it as is, or release him on the basis of time served.

Blago's attorneys have options. They can request the full circuit appeals court hears the case or take it to the United States Supreme Court. Legal experts assert that the options are a bad gamble as the result may be the same or worse.

Patti Blagojevich wasted no time getting her mug in front of the cameras along with one of her tearful daughters. Eliciting sympathy became the Blagojevich family trademark since he was arrested. For some reason it works, as Blagojevich still has raving fans to this day.

No matter what, Rod Blagojevich is still a convicted felon. He is still considered a criminal in the eyes of the law and most intelligent people. He is still a former corrupt Chicago Machine politician who conned the voters.

There is one thing that may save Blagojevich. It is the key to the prison door. It is doubtful he will avail himself of it. It would be demeaning and a blow to his ego. That one thing is the three R's. Remorse, reform, and redemption.

Gotti never had it. Peterson does not have it.

Blagojevich would have to prove and assert that he is remorseful for his conduct, a reformed man, and redeemed. His overblown ego will not allow that. He still cannot comprehend he committed crimes, he is not sorry for his crimes, and there is no indication he will not commit further illegal shenanigans.


Rod Blagojevich aaddressing the media the day before he went to prison. (PV Bella)

Blagojevich is who he is. Like John Gotti and Drew Peterson, he cannot and will not be silenced. He cannot and will not stay out of the limelight. He will attract authorities like a moth to a flame. It is in his DNA.

Make no mistake. Rod Blagojevich is in prison for one reason. He showed no remorse, redemption, or reform during his two trials, sentencing, and post conviction.

He had the absolute gall to hold a national press conference the day before he was to report for prison. That alone is no sign he sought redemption, he had remorse, or he was reformed.

In his mind he did nothing wrong. He is innocent. He is a victim, his family is a victim, and his myriad supporters are victims.

There are victims. Millions of them. They are the citizens of Illinois, especially the voters, who elected Rod Blagojevich twice as governor.

The people of Illinois are the only victims of the Blagojevich saga.

Though they came from different backgrounds and made different career choices, Rod Blagojevich, Drew Peterson, and John Gotti are one and the same person.

It is hoped Judge Zagel keeps Blagojevich in prison for the original sentence. Blagojevich deserves to serve each and everyday of it.

Patti Blagojevich, in front of her home, separated from Rod her husband by crowds, the day before he went to prison. (PV Bella)

Patti Blagojevich, in front of her home, separated from her husband, Rod by the crowd of media and supporters, the day before he went to prison. (PV Bella)

It is also hoped the news media will end the perpetual pity party for his family. They were beneficiaries of his greed and quest for power.

His wife, Patti is the daughter of a Chicago Machine Alderman. She knew the deal with the devil they made when Dick Mell helped Rod Bagojevich get into politics.

Patti knew her husband would have to do things that were immoral, unethical, and illegal. She knew what was expected. She was a willing accomplice.

There should be no pity or mercy for Blagojevich or his family. There should be disgust and ridicule.

Rod Blagojevich violated the rules. The rules that binds the political machine together. The rules that held it together for almost two centuries. The rules, that if broken, causes this thing of theirs to crack and crumble.

One rule is the Eleventh Commandment, handed down by Moses from the mount, "Thou shalt not get caught". The other rule is, "Silence is golden".

Blago got caught. He talked, and talked, and talked. He is where he deserves to be. If not for being a corrupt politician then, for being a dumb one.

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