#KidsLivesMatter not some lion's

#KidsLivesMatter. Jonylah Watkins was six-months-old when she was murdered. (Chicago Tribune)

Social media heads are exploding over the trophy killing of Cecil the lion. The news media has its teeth in this story too. For the unaware and people who live meaningful useful lives, a Minnesota dentist shot a lion in Zimbabwe. He paid fifty thousand dollars for the hunt. It turns out that the hunt was illegal and Cecil the lion was a rare beast, a black maned lion. Worse, Cecil was an old black maned lion.

Due to the perceived public outrage, the dentist, Walter Palmer, is in hiding.

There are calls to lynch the dentist, petitions to the White House to extradite the dentist, calls to prosecute the dentist, and hordes of horrified angry people gnashing their teeth, rending their garments, and pounding their chubby little fists.

CNN will probably use toy figurines to recreate the hunt along with their usual panel of experts with no expertise. There will be calls for laws protecting wild African lions in the United States. Activists and organizers will demand a ban on crossbows, the weapon used to kill Cecil. They will claim this is the only common sense solution to end violence against lions.

Of course there will be the ubiquitous petition on changesomethingorother.org to ban big game hunting.

Hashtag activists and organizers will proclaim #LionLivesMatter, #ManeSeenDon'tShoot, #ICan'tRoar, #BlackManeLionLivesMatter. Tee shirts, posters, and other paraphernalia will abound. Maybe even some mass protests are in order.

The story will go on and on like that annoying pink battery bunny.

What a waste of time and emotional energy. Pathetic people and journalists going on and on about Cecil. Cecil's life mattered?

A few weeks ago, 7-year-old Amari Brown was murdered on the streets of Chicago. His life did not matter. There was no international or social media outrage. Every other post on Facebook or Twitter did not condemn this child murder.

Demario Bailey's life did not matter. He was fifteen when he was murdered. The same was true for him. No viral social media or news media outrage.

Jonylah Watkins was six-months-old when she was gunned down. Not a peep from the social media lynch mobs leading meaningless useless lives. No one called for the lynching of her murderer. Her life did not matter.

The list goes on and on. Children murdered. No one cares. Kill some stupid lion in Africa and the whole world unites in fury.

Something is very wrong in our society. The media pores through the record and life of an insignificant dentist over a lion hunt but ignores the gangs and drug dealers who cause the deaths of children.

Right now, just about everyone knows who Walter Palmer is. Quick, name the leader of the Gangster Disciples or Latin Kings. Name the top drug distributor in Chicago. You can't. The news media won't. Neither will the politicians or the police, who take orders from the politicians.

Walter Palmer is being tarred and feathered as evil personified walking among us. All he did was kill a stupid lion in Africa. Organized criminals are responsible for the deaths of innocent children in Chicago. They are nameless and faceless. The news media and politicians want it that way.

Go ahead. Feel all self righteous about your anger, sympathy, and rage over a dead lion. Prove to the world you live an empty, meaningless and useless life.

The fringe minority who care will grieve and rage over the murders of children.

#KidsLivesMatter not some lion's.

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