Chicago: City of Cowards

Chicago: City of Cowards

Eric Garner ("I can't breathe") and Mike Brown ("Hands up, don't shoot") are the darlings of some news media people one year later. Evidently these quaint anniversaries are supposed to have meaning.

An art exhibit, "Confronting Truths: Wake up", has a piece depicting Mike Brown as he lay in the street.

The names Mike Brown and Eric Garner are to be engraved in our national consciousness. We should be having national discussions on something or other to commemorate these heroes of the republic. We must never forget whatever it is we are supposed to remember about them.

Who are Demario Bailey, Amari Brown, Jonylah Watkins, Hadiya Pendleton, Antonio Smith? How about going back further? Who are Laketa CrosbyDantrell Davis, or Eric Morse?

They have four things in common:

They were murdered on the streets of Chicago.

They were children.

They were Black.

They are forgotten.

There are no news media created anniversaries commemorating their deaths. There are no art exhibits memorializing their dead bodies laying on the street.

Black lives do not matter. Child lives do not matter. Lives do not matter. Not in Chicago.

There are no die-ins for Chicago's murdered children.

Where are the professional protesters with their catchy slogans? Where is the so-called activist community with their die-ins? A community populated by gullible young people, taking selfies to show how cool and down with the cause they are.

Where are the hashtag activists?

Where are the gasbag preachers and so-called civil rights leaders with television shows and newspaper columns shouting baffleblab, racism, and brimstone?

Where are the Washington politicians? The White House? The Attorney General? Where are their meaningless symbolic talking points? Better still, where are waves of federal RICO indictments against the street gangs and organized drug operations, the criminal enterprises that are directly and indirectly responsible for the murder of children?

No one speaks for the children killed in Chicago's internecine gang and drug wars. No one wants to remember the children who are victims of this horrific violence committed almost daily on the streets of Chicago.

After the headlines and funerals they are forgotten in a mass of pseudo outrage over silliness like the Confederate Flag, the political incorrectness of comedians, the insensitivity of shaming idiots who are killed by blowing off fireworks on their head, alleged racist comments by politicians or celebrities, and whatever else trips the triggers of the masses who live their meaningless lives as part of social media lynch mobs.

Twitter creates more faux outrage over inconsequential stupidity in a few minutes than anything the world has ever seen.

Social media and career whiners were aghast at comments made by Chicago Superintendent of Police Garry McCarthy and Mayor Rahm Emanuel concerning the father of Amari Brown. They were not aghast at the murder of a 7-year-old child, just the shaming of his career criminal father. What does that say about people?

The "vaunted" Chicago Crime Commission, which became irrelevant when Al Capone went to prison, named recently escaped Mexican drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Chicago's Public Enemy Number 1. How is that for sheer and utter stupidity? What about naming the gang leaders and local drug dealers as pubic enemies 1,2,3,4,5,6,7... Why not plaster their faces all over their outdated website and the news? They are killing or causing the deaths of children. Something Al Capone never did or condoned.

How many children have to die before Chicago says enough is enough? (Chicago Tribune photo.)

If nothing else, the murders of children should bring back "law and order" as a repetitive major news media and political talking point. Maybe in today's kind, sensitive, and politically correct world, "law and order" is racist or insensitive.

When are people going to start demanding better from the politicians? Chicago does not have a violence problem or a gun problem. It has a political problem. Politicians, who do not have the courage or will to take bold audacious action against those responsible for the mayhem and carnage on our streets. They are in the city council, Springfield, and Washington D.C.

You elected and worse, reelected them. Maybe you are the problem. Maybe Chicago has a voter problem as well.

Politicians surrender to those who enable the criminal element and their enablers. They blame guns, poverty, or give a host of other lame excuses for their lack of courage to take on the criminal enterprises responsible for these senseless murders.

How many children have to die before Chicago says enough is enough? How many murders of young people will it take before Chicago demands better of its politicians.

Maybe it is time to change Chicago's slogans. The City of Big Shrugging Shoulders? Abattoir by the Lake? The Gunshot City? The Town Without Pity?

How about Civitatem Imbellium? City of Cowards.

It is true. It resonates. It sings.

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