The Confederate flag: The symbol of loathsome losers

In light of the Charleston murders, social media is crashing under the weight of people weighing in the Confederate flag issue. The "Stars and Bars" are being touted as a symbol of racism. The expressions of disgust verge on open hostility.

People really do lead dull meaningless lives if they spend so much outrage over political nonsense.

The Confederate flag is symbol of one thing, and one thing only. It is not racism, slavery, Jim Crow, or Southern Pride..

The Confederate flag is the symbol of losers. Loathsome losers.

If 'losers' were the talking points instead of gasbaggery and baffleblab, those states would burn the "Stars and Bars" in public bonfires.

America loves winners. Losers are loathed. The south lost the Civil War. The "Stars and Bars" are the emblem of losers.

No true American wants to be referred to as a loser. No citizen of a state wants to be referred to as a loser. Southern pride would be dashed if the "Stars and Bars" was continually referred to as the flag of losers.

By flying the Confederate flag they are celebrating being losers. Pathetic miserable loathsome losers.

Loser is a profane and vulgar word to real Americans. If you want to be a patriot, stop with the racist nonsense. Calling Southerners racist over their flag is like water off a duck. It just rolls off. They just waddle and quack on.

Call the the "Stars and Bars" wavers losers. See how fast they change their tune.

The vocabulary must change if people want to see the end of the Confederate flag. The shouting spittle spewing cable news people, the entertainers on mainstream television news, blowhard talk radio hosts, political speech writers, public relations, and spokespersons must change their vocabulary and talking points.

Constantly, persistently, and consistently refer to any state that flies the Confederate flag as losers. Those flags will disappear.

There is only one flag in America. The winners flag. Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes.

No one or group can defend being called losers, especially when their flag symbolizes losing.

Sometimes simple solutions are the best. To bad so many people complicate things to the point of distraction.

The Confederate flag is the symbol of loathsome losers. That is not something Southerners should be proud of.

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