People watching on Michigan Avenue

People watching is a relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon. It is more rewarding when you have cameras. Michigan Avenue is one of the best places to watch and photograph people. The area just north of the river is a prime location.

There is the plaza in front of the Wrigley building, where tourists take pictures at the Chicago River. The area around Tribune Tower is also a good place. You can sit, relax, and photograph people to your heart's content.

Sometimes you get lucky. You may spy Chicago's legendary Walking Dude. You have to be quick. He has a sixth sense about cameras.

You meet interesting people from all over the world. They ask directions or are looking for a place to eat or entertain themselves. This leads to conversation about other things.

You do have to be careful. There are dangerous people on Michigan Avenue. They are bicyclists who ride on the sidewalk. It is hard to figure out if they are reckless, dumb, lazy, or just refuse to walk their bikes, as the law states. Maybe Chicago bicyclists created a new sport, pedestrian bowling. They use their bikes to try and knock over as many pedestrians as they can.


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