Emily Beazley left a legacy of love hope and inspiration

Photo: Chicago Tribune

Chicago is called the "City of Big Shoulders". It is the city of big hearts.

Emily Beazley waged a four year public battle with cancer. The 12-year-old left this world last night. According to her mother, she died peacefully.

Emily's fight brought out the greatness of our city. First, her Mount Greenwood neighborhood rallied around her. Then the city. She was made an honorary Chicago Police Officer, attended a "prom,"  threw out the first pitch at a White Sox game, and received a phone call from entertainer, Taylor Swift.

"Equally amazing has been the ever-present communal embrace that enveloped Emily wherever she went. Known as Emily's Entourage, the supporters proved both the power of community and the potential of social media to do good." (Chicago Tribune)

Emily Beazley's put a face to the ordeal of childhood cancers. All the attendant publicity sent a loud message. There is a need for more research to find cures.

Emily Beazely never lost hope. She remained positive. Though she was sick, she cared about the welfare of others in her family. She cared about the neighbors who helped her family.

Some say Emily's story shows the power of the media, especially social media. Emily's tale demonstrates the power of people. Her family, their friends, their neighbors, their neighborhood, and this city.

A city came together for one child. One child showed us the power of love, hope, and a positive attitude. Emily Beazley is a shining example to all of us.

Emily's story should be an inspiration to all. She overcame a catastrophic illness with more grace and aplomb than most adults. She gave her family strength. She cared about others as much as people cared about her.

Chicago is a city of neighborhoods. Neighborhoods where people come together to help each other. Chicago is one big neighborhood. A whole city came together for Emily Beazley.

Chicago is a city of big hearts.

Some say it takes a village to accomplish things. Others claim it takes a government. People tout the power of organizing communities to affect change.

Emily Beazley was a child. She demonstrated the power of one. The power of one child to show us how to face catastrophe and live. Her short life should be an inspiration to us all. She left us a greater gift than all the attention she received. Few people leave that kind of legacy.

Emily Beazley should be remembered for how she lived and spent her short time among us. She gave way more than she received. Chicago is a better place because she walked among us.

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