The 'Food Babe': An expert with no expertise

When the New York Times, NPR, Time Inc., Business Insider, and Gawker, the media outlet for puerile profane hipsters, bashes you, trouble is brewing.*

The above media outlets wrote scathing critiques about the "Food Babe". Scientists, science advocates, and science writers have taken to debunking the "Food Babes" quackery.

Vani Hari, left. (Chicago Tribune)

Vani Hari, "The Food Babe," is blog activist. She refers to herself as a "food activist" and "investigator".

Hari has a viral Internet following. She has no other credentials.

Channeling Hunter S. Thompson, “Blog activism is uglier than most things. It is normally perceived as some kind of cruel and shallow money trench through the heart of the Internet, a long digital hallway where thieves and pimps run free and the truth dies like dogs. There's also a negative side."

Many blog activists are the pimps and thieves of the Internet. Next to starting your own religion, pushing tin foil hat conspiracy theories and faux science is a faster and easier road to fame and fortune.

Blog activists' sole expertise is the ability to get legions of naifs to follow their blogs, while pushing products, books, speeches, and affiliate marketing. They learn how to attract adoring fans who hang onto their every word and have those credit cards ready.

Purveyors of snake oil, quacks, charlatans, and frauds are laughing all the way to the bank.

Blog activists base their ignorant, uninformed, and debunked information on so-called investigations, exposés, pseudo science, and personal bias.

When their blogs go viral due to slick social media marketing and news media appearances they receive a cachet of credibility. They become go to experts with no expertise. Taking advantage of the gullible becomes lucrative.

The "Food Babe" has an agenda. Pushing books, products advertised on her site, and pseudo health regimens. She uses her so-called investigations to "expose" alleged perils, hazards, and dangers in the commercial food supply.

People are being poisoned by toxins manufactured and sold by Big Food, Big Pharma, those evil Big Corporations. This is approved by Big Government.

The Big Family is the enemy.

The Food Babe is not a chemist, food chemist, biochemist, biologist, registered nutritionist, medical doctor, food biologist, registered dietitian, food journalist, science journalist, agricultural scientist, investigative journalist, or other credentialed expert.

Yet, legions of easy marks follow her "Food Babe" blog, sharing it on social media. News media people trip over themselves to interview her.

Gullibility is rife in America.

The Food Babe is angered when companies refuse to talk to her, return her calls and emails, or provide her with ingredient lists for their products or recipes.

A nobody nobody sent expects companies to provide her with proprietary information.

If she does not get what she wants, she unleashes her "Food Babe Army".

They "sign" her petitions. They form social media lynch mobs, attacking like hordes of vicious ankle biting gerbils.

They demand the Food Babe be acknowledged and obeyed.

"Something needed to be done, especially since they completely ignored my investigation into their ingredients in 2012, further pressure in 2013, and repeated phone calls and requests to their corporate headquarters." (Food Babe on Subway's refusal to acknowledge her.)

The Food Babe was "ignored". Her pressure was "ignored". Her phone calls and emails were "ignored". "Something needed to be done." Unleash the "Food Babe Army". Unleash the vicious ankle biting Gerbils of War.

When the "Food Babe" is criticized or exposed as a fraud, she attacks. She accuses her critics of being on the payroll of the aforementioned Big Family or the critic was paid to write a damning piece (Only she should get paid).

She has a habit of deleting roundly criticized or totally debunked blog posts, forgetting nothing disappears on the internet.

The "Food Babe" blog is designed to frighten, push the Food Babe lifestyle, and generate fame and fortune. It is alarmist yellow journalism at its finest.

The additives, ingredients, toxins, and poisons she rails against are deemed safe, in the amounts used, by credentialed scientists at the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Health, and other government, medical, academic, and research entities.

The Food Babe, like other experts with no expertise, is waging a war on Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs).

GMOs, in their current form, have been around since the 1970s. There is no empirical scientific evidence they are harmful to human health or the environment.

The Food Babe is a science denier.

Think about this. Everyday you ingest one or more toxic substances:

According to the Center for Disease Control, Dihydrogen monoxide kills over 4000 people a year. It is used as a liquid and solvent to make toxins, poisons, pathogens, biohazards, chemical and biological weapons. It is one of the chemicals used in fracking. If you consume dihydrogen monoxide, you are ingesting toxic fracking fluid.

Sodium chloride is an ingredient in plastics, polyester, rubber, fertilizer, bleaches, soaps, and dyes. If you consume sodium chloride you are eating plastic, fertilizer, rubber, etc.

A common kitchen staple is used to make plastics, rubber, and other industrial products. Guess what you are eating when you ingest this?

Calcium hydroxide is used to make cement, treat sewage, in paper production, and make hair removal products. Every time you eat a tortilla, tamale, or hominy, you are eating Nair.

Biodegradable plastic bags are made out of a very common food ingredient. This ingredient is prevalent in many forms of commercial food production and home cooking. It is used in powdered sugar. If you ingest this you are eating plastic grocery bags.

Sodium chloride is salt. Dihydrogen monoxide (H20), is water. The kitchen staple is vegetable oil. Biodegradable plastic bags are made with corn starch. Calcium hydroxide is slaked lime, used in many cuisines.

Ethanol is a toxic poison. Drinking beer, wine and booze will kill you.

It is easy to con large segments of the American pubic. Politicians do it all the time. They, like blog activists, never under estimate the stupidity of the average American.

Chicago Tribune photo.

Anyone could push drinking "wheatgrass" juice made with dog enriched lawn clippings while fear mongering against perfectly safe ingredients.

Hari wrote a scathing rant against flu shots. She asserted they are more dangerous than the flu. Her remedy? Catch the flu, suffer, and if you live, your body will create anti-bodies. You will not get the flu again or your suffering will be milder. This post had the following disclaimer:

"***Disclaimer – This post is strictly based upon my opinion and consultation of my own health provider, I recommend you make the best choice for you and your family based upon your own due diligence and research on this topic.***" 

All "Food Babe" posts should bear that disclaimer.

*New York Times, NPR, Time, Gawker.

Disclaimer: The author of this piece is not on the payroll of Big Food, Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Corporations, Mr. Big, or the Big Family. No compensation was received for writing this piece. Any accusations to the contrary are false.

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