'Target bums': Offended hypocrites on parade

Chicago Tribune photo.

'Target Bums' posters, resembling the city's "Target Rats" posters, appeared on various posts in the Bucktown/Wicker Park neighborhood.

According to the Chicago Tribune, journalist, Bill Healy, discovered or reported the signs. He was described as being in "disbelief".

"Healy, who has worked on media projects chronicling the city's homeless, said he was angered by the fact that someone would put up something that dehumanizes the city's homeless population — not to mention the calories burned and hours wasted on such an endeavor.

"Obviously, it's some kind of joke, or someone's idea of a joke," he said. "Who has that kind of time? Why would you spend your time doing this?"

The real joke, or someone's idea of a joke, is that Healy calls himself a journalist. A journalist is allowed to make his living due to the First Amendment.

Too many journalists, like Healy, believe the First Amendment only applies to the "Press". They do not believe freedom of expression and freedom of speech exist outside the hallowed halls of newsrooms. They do not believe all individuals possess these rights.

If it was up to people like Mr. Healy, political cartoonists would be punished with hard labor in reeducation camps. Scott Stantis beware.

Ankle biting rodents look for anything to be offended by.

Ankle biting rodents look for anything to be offended by. (PV Bella)

Mr. Healy is just another one of the hordes ankle biting rodents who are offended by everything.

The ankle biters cannot wait to share their offense with the world. They become the story. Something real journalists are supposed to avoid, except in exigent circumstances.

Some perpetually offended people believe these forms of political humor and satire are criminal acts and their creators should be punished.

It is apparent, even to the least educated, that the signs are political humor or satire. Maybe the date, 4-20-15 is satirical too, as "420" is symbolic to certain segments of the population.

Homelessness is a very real problem in Chicago. Chicago, its citizens and politicians, do very little to alleviate the problem.


Homeless man begging in Streeterville. (PV Bella)

No one wants the homeless in their neighborhoods, or God forbid, "their" parks. No one wants shelters in their neighborhoods. No one wants mental health facilities in their neighborhoods.

No one, especially some aldermen, want the homeless to be fed by charities. NIMBY is live and well in Chicago.

No one wants to recognize the reality that the homeless are treated like vermin by citizens and politicians.

Political satire and humor is supposed to be offensive and biting. It is supposed to inflict some harm to force people to recognize a problem and act.

Unfortunately in our oh so politically correct world, where etiquette and propriety is made up on the fly, people are supposed to be offended and their tender sensitivities shattered.

The messenger must be shot.

The messenger is evil. The messenger should be punished. The messenger should be shamed. The message and real issue is lost in the name of self righteous anger at being offended. One's personal feelings trump the larger problem at hand.

The shaming police want to criminalize and punish anyone who offends their tender sensitivities. Their motto is, "We shame and correct". They will use their rights to free speech, expression, and the press to oppress and repress the rights of others.

There is a word for that, "Hypocrisy". These people are offended hypocrites on parade. They are always right and only they have rights. All others will conform, and give up their rights in order to be inoffensively correct. Or else.

Who would want to live in a city, country, or world like that?

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