Garcia and Emanuel: Racism versus Anti-Semitism

The so-called progressives have their campaign plan mapped out for Chuy Garcia. Chuy Garcia is a decent, honorable, humble man. If anyone disagrees with, criticizes, or attacks this decent, humble, honorable man they are racist.

That is the whole plan. They are going to work their plan. They hope to win with that plan.

Chuy Garcia. (Chicago Tribune photo)

Chicago news media picked up on the plan warning the Emanuel campaign not to tarnish this decent, humble, and honorable man. So much for accurate objective journalism.

Sometimes Richard J. Daley was right. To paraphrase, the news media "is the lowest thing there is".

All is fair in war. Two can play the game.


If the Garcia campaign or the news media disagrees with, criticizes, or attacks Mayor Rahm Emanuel, they are Anti-Semites.

They hate Jews. They should be portrayed as Nazis.

What makes Wisconsin mercenaries, Chuy supporters, some journalists and editorial boards think they can sling mud, muck, and arrows at Emanuel but be safe themselves?

Why can't Emanuel fight back with his own mud, muck, and arrows?

Using the race card as armor in campaigns is getting tiresome. It is dishonest. It is disreputable. Only dishonest disreputable politicians and journalists would practice or allow it.

Come to think of it, there are no reputable campaign consultants or organizations. Some local journalists are suspect too.

Chuy Garcia is no more decent, humble, or honorable than anyone else in Chicago politics. There are no decent honorable people in politics. Chicago is a city of scoundrels. Chicago politicians are humble while carrying a baseball bat.

There are only winners and losers.

Garcia did not win elections because he was a humble, decent, honorable man. He won because he got down into the muck and slung it with the best of them. He is no gentle guy who just wafted into office with peace, love, and understanding. He is not Mr. Rogers.

Chuy Garcia is a Chicago politician. If he or his supporters and enablers cannot take the heat they have no business in this election.

Alderman Leon Despres, right with bullhorn. (Chicago Tribune photo)

Former alderman, Leon Despres was the last and only decent, honorable, and humble Chicago politician. He spent 20 years as an alderman fighting the Chicago Machine. His voice was the only voice the powerless and most vulnerable in Chicago had.

Political campaigns are warfare. As the adage goes, politics ain't beanbag. In Chicago, politicians perfected the art of political warfare. Political campaigns are neither fair nor clean. There is no propriety, etiquette, or protocol. There is only combat.

Political campaigns are wars of attrition. They are not children's board games like Candyland. They are not kindergarten where the children must play nice together.

Rahm Emanuel has a public record as does Chuy Garcia. Both men have been involved in politics in one form or another for over 30 years. They know the game. Their record, shenanigans, and actions are all there and fair game.

Neither man is a shrinking violet. These are hard men in hard profession.

Politics is a retail business in Chicago. It is highly competitive. It is do or die, dog eat dog, kill or be killed.

If you do not like it stay out of the game.

The mercenaries from Wisconsin and other interlopers can create all the dishonesty they want. If  they can tarnish Emanuel, the mayor's supporters can tarnish Garcia. Let the muck slinging begin.

Political campaigns are supposed to be exciting, entertaining, and controversial. They are not supposed to be dull, boring, prim or proper.

Chicago elections used to be settled with bats, fists, bricks, bombs, grenades, and bullets. The modern arsenal consists of words, opposition research, career and character assassination. It is all the same.

Politicians are lizard skinned. Mere words cannot hurt them. They cannot be shamed. They have none. They are also like chameleons. They can change to suit any purpose.

There are only six weeks until the election. Rahm has to convince voters he deserves a second term and electing Chuy would be bad for Chicago. Chuy has to convince voters he is the one who deserves to be elected and that Rahm is the wrong choice.

How they do it will determine the outcome. Swords are drawn, artillery is prepped. The Wisconsin mercenaries arrived to aid Garcia. Emanuel has his support lined up with his Centurions and a war chest.

The battle is on. Let it be a fight to the finish. The mother of all battles. Let the blood flow. Go to the mattresses.

"These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood." (Character Pete Clemenza/The Godfather)

The future of Chicago is up for grabs. It is not just the city. Chicago directly affects what happens in six counties and indirectly, the whole state.

Who is going to inflict the most pain or damage? Who can make the medicine palatable? Who can make the pain tolerable? Who will build or tear down?

Do not let the Wisconsin mercenaries, the news media, community and political organizers frame this election as racial. They say "dirty politics" like it is a bad thing.

Politics is dirty.

Let the games begin, the battles fought, the mud, dirt, muck, and barbs be flung.

This is Chicago. Politics is blood sport. It is the only sport in Chicago with winners.

On another note, why hasn't reality television come here to film "Chicago Political Wives"? It might be way better than "Mob Wives of Wherever", "House Wives of Idiots", or any of the other "wives" shows they produce.

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