'Business is business money is money'

The headline of this piece is an old Chinese or Jewish adage. "Business is business. Money is money."

There are myriad reasons for opening and operating a business, no matter how big or small. There is only one purpose for being in business; Earning maximum profit at minimum cost. That is the sole purpose of a business. There is no other purpose.

Besides being ruthless at keeping costs down, a business must bring in as much profitable revenue as possible.

Which brings us to religious freedom laws, like the one recently passed in Indiana. It supposedly protects alleged business people who refuse to serve with customers or clients over supposed religious principals. Businesses who refuse to bring in revenue.

These bills are aimed at protecting businesses from refusing service based on the owners religious belief. They are a reaction to states fining or even shutting down businesses that refuse services to the LGBT communities.

Putting the legal, ethical, moral, or other squishy issues aside, those alleged businesses that discriminate, are fools. You make money in business by providing goods and services. You lose money in business by not providing goods and services.

If you refuse to do business you are not in business.

You never leave money on the table. You take it all.

Money, goods, services, even capitalism have no conscience, faith, morals, ethics, or anything else. The only thing that matters is the bottom line. Throw in honesty, craftsmanship, artistry, integrity, if you want. You still have to sell something to earn money, pay the bills, and make a profit.

If you refuse to do business with anyone over so-called morals, you do not deserve to be in business. Go to work for someone. There will be others who will profit quite nicely from your foolishness.

Leaving money on the table is as bad, if not worse, than wasting money on unnecessary costs. Turning down business is bad business.

As states passed equal marriage laws, hordes of businesses in the wedding industry immediately advertised their services. They were the smart business people. They were willing to make and take the money.

The few who turn down such business deserve to go out of business. Not because they are discriminatory or violating government laws. They are bad business people. They are violating the rules of business.

In business, laws, morals, and religious beliefs are irrelevant. The only relevant issues are sales which produce revenue. Revenue pays the bills and earns a profit. Profit is what makes businesses successful. Losses are what make businesses fold.

You do not make money saying no, unless you cannot do the job, you are unable to negotiate a fair price, or you get the client or customer from hell.

No one is asking you to approve their lifestyle. No one is asking you to change your lifestyle. There is only one thing people want when they enter your business. They want to give you money in exchange for goods and services. They want to give you money. Take the money.

Provide the service or goods. Then, if you want, you can pray they roast in hell. But for God's and your business's sake, take the money.

Where does it say you will burn in hell if you accommodate "sinners"? Where is it written, "Thou shalt not serve "sinners". Where is it written you will burn in hell if you provide goods and services to anyone? Nowhere.

Smart people who see discrimination will just open up a business near yours, serve anyone and everyone, and put you out of business. Lawsuits and governmental actions will not be necessary. You will go broke. Smart business people will break you.

So let them pass silly useless laws. Find out who discriminates and, people will open a business on the same street catering to whom ever they want. Watch how fast the prejudiced either fold up or get smart.

Business is business. Money is money. Save your religious beliefs for your nightly prayers and Sunday services. God did not build your business. Jesus did not build your business. Your church did not build your business. The government did not build your business. You did that. You, the individual business person, built it.

Build upon it or be destroyed. Take the money or get out. Someone else will step in and make a killing for your stupidity.

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