Shaming shameful people

There are discussions on various social media about shaming. Shaming is being equated with bullying. It is also called hating. It is considered inappropriate, and offensive to the tender sensibilities of the professionally offended.

People who behave atrociously should not be called out or publicly shamed. It is harmful to them, so say the social media etiquette rule makers.

Unless the anti-shaming hypocrites see something they find fault with. Then they blow up Twitter, Facebook, and blogs with righteous shaming anger.

Case in point, Ann Slowey. Ms. Slowey was attacked and shamed by social media lynch mobs and angry birds when she became upset over a tantrum by Kim Kardashian and Kanye's West's baby at a fashion show.

"Couldn't they leave it backstage?... "Typical. "Typical celebrity crap. Like I really even care."

Mommies, mommy supporters, activists, and community organizers became enraged. Kim Kardashian's faithful legion's heads exploded. How dare Ms. Slowey refer to a baby as 'it,' especially if 'it' is the baby of the beloved, idolized, iconic godess, Kim Kardashian.

Babies have been called 'it' forever. Yet, these foaming at the mouth shamers went on a full throttle rant. These are the same people who detest shaming.

I do not have a problem shaming people.

People deserve to be shamed. They deserve to be shamed publicly.

There is nothing wrong with shaming.

I do not care about anyone's oh so tender sensitivities. Call me a bully and I will proudly wear the tee shirt.

Here are some people who are just shameful and should be publicly shamed.


Here is the typical Millennial. A Modern. She needed two chairs. One to sit on and one for all her junk. The chair with the coat and bag was the only one left at Peet's Coffee in the Wrigley Building.

When I asked if I could use it, this twit looked up from her phone, made a face like something smelled bad, and went right back to twatting or texting, or whatever Millennials do to fulfill their worthless meaningless lives.


My all time favorite people to shame are the whiny bicyclists. Rules and laws do not apply to them. Divvy riders are the worst. They believe they can ride those little blue bikes on the sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to cringe in fear.


Then we have the hipsters who think their pets are people, should be treated as people, and dressed as people.

Take this pig in a stroller, for example. This is a stunning example of sheer stupidity. Pigs are farm animals. Their only  purpose in life is to provide gustatory pleasure. They are not human children.


Look at this fine example of a properly raised Millennial. Manspreading and his junk taking up two seats on the L.

Several people asked if they could sit. He never looked up from his game thingy.

People like this are the rule on the L, not the exception. They get angry if you disturb them. No one had the guts to just sit down on top of his stuff.

Then there is this mamaluke:

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