JRW and Pete Rose: Adults please grow up

Social media and the local news media are abuzz about Jackie Robinson West being stripped of their title. The professional grievance mongers, Jesse Jackson, Father Michael Phleger, The Black Youth Project, and the Chicago Light Brigade have tossed their hats into the ring.

"Is this about (recruiting) boundaries or race?" asked the Rev. Jesse "King of Beers" Jackson...

..."What this individual from Evergreen Park has continued to pursue has been both been mean-spirited and it's been personal," said Pfleger, comparing the investigation to a "witch hunt."

"And I can't help but wonder the question if the same thing would have been done with another team from another place, another race," he said. (Chicago Tribune/John Kass)

Cries of unfairness, racism, accountability, the process, due process, and other protests are being made by adults. Chris Janes, the Evergreen Park coach who investigated and alerted Little League Baseball about the rules violations, is being called a fink, rat, stool pigeon, racist, and expletive deleteds.

Adults, please grow up. The adults in charge of Jackie Robinson West broke the rules on residency. They got caught. The team must suffer the consequences. That is life. Life is not fair. Suffer the little children and all that.

Along comes another group of adults acting like little children. The aging Pete Rose fan club. They want to see Pete Rose installed in the Baseball Hall of fame before they or he dies.

Pete Rose was a phenomenal player with the Cincinnati Reds. He was embroiled in a gambling scandal with organized crime. After his many denials, and a lengthy investigation, Pete Rose voluntarily accepted his fate. He was placed on the ineligible list. He was banned from baseball.

According to the Hall of Fame rules, ineligible players cannot be nominated to the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose has fought to get himself off the ineligible list. Successive Commissioners of Baseball have refused or not acted on the requests.

The rules state Rose is not eligible. But the childish adults, like those protesting the Jackie Robinson West ruling, are acting like little children.

What kind of example are the adults setting for children? Cheating and rule breaking are perfectly legitimate? People should not be judged by breaking the rules, they should be judged by the content of their play?

Enough is enough. Adults should stop acting like children. They should act like grown ups.

There are consequences for actions. You break rules, you pay a price. Sometimes the price is steep.

Little League Baseball owes no further explanation of their decision. Major League Baseball and the Hall of Fame do not owe Pete Rose anything.

Adults acting like terrible two-year-olds sets a poor example for our young people. It legitimizes cheating.

Jackie Robinson West can still be our hometown champs. They just cannot be Little League champs. Let it go.

Playing the race card, the unfair card, the fink card, and whatever other decks are out there is a worse form of cheating.

Adults, start acting your age. Give it up. Move on. Let the young people see your are as noble in loss as you were jubilant in victory.

Be judged by your character not your toddler temper tantrums.

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