Emanuel versus Jesus: Who is the Savior

Emanuel versus Jesus: Who is the Savior
Photo: Peter V. Bella

Well Chicago, you did it. You forced Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a run off election. He will be facing Chuy Jesus Garcia in six weeks. An estimated 30 million dollars more of your tax money will pay for the run off election.

An election between an Emanuel and Jesus. Who will be the Savior?

What would Jesus do? (Chicago Tribune photo)

Now, you can finally ask the big question. "What would Jesus do?"

Right now, the answer is, we do not know. Mr. Garcia is not telling us what he will do.

He is not telling us how he will perform the Miracle of the Jugglers. Juggling all the major issues plaguing Chicago, especially the fiscal problems.

Both Mayor Emanuel and Mr. Garcia need to come clean. We deserve to know how much pain we will pay for all the sins of the past.

The sins of Daley II, Washington, Byrne, Bilandic, and Daley I.

The sins of the all the long time incumbent aldermen who helped ruin Chicago.

The sins of the appointed overpaid bureaucrats and contractors. The sins of all the state and federal elected officials who represent parts of Chicago. The sins of the governors who helped mayors and aldermen ruin our city.

The sins of the evil cabals, the Chicago Machine and the Combine.

Who will wash those sins away?  Who will redeem us? Who will save us? Emanuel or Jesus?


Will Emanuel walk on water? (Image:PV Bella)

It is fitting that Emanuel and Jesus are running for mayor during Lent. After Easter and Passover we will know who arose and who got passed over.

We will have our Savior. Hallelujah!

Which one will ride the Democrat donkey down LaSalle Street while adoring cult members toss cash at him?

Will Emanuel or Jesus preside at the Last Supper in Billy Goat Tavern or Jim's Original?

Priests, rabbis, and theologians are pondering serious questions. Questions they may not have answers for. Who is the true Savior? Where do they tell us to put our faith?

Emanuel versus Jesus. How could something like this happen? Are the end times approaching?

Or, are we approaching the Age of Miracles?

Will Jesus or Emanuel turn Lake Michigan into cash to bail out the city?

Can Emanuel or Jesus make the lame think?

Will Emanuel or Jesus feed the masses with a few Asian carp and a couple of two three loaves of Gonnella?

Which will convert Atheists into believers to vote for him?

Which will go to the temple and instruct journalists on the true faith?

Will Jesus scourge the money handlers at City Hall?

Will Emanuel walk on water?

Yes, Chicago, you did it. You showed the world Chicago is the new Jerusalem. You showed the world there is hope the temple can be rebuilt.

Only Chicago can have an Emanuel and Jesus running for mayor. That is a real Chicago story.

That is the Chicago Way.

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