Chicago Auto Show Media Day

Being a teenager in a blue collar neighborhood in the mid 1960's meant cars. We were car guys.

Many of the kids learned how to work on cars at an early age. Some were born with a wrench in their hands and grease on their face.

Muscle cars were the rage. Those who had money bought new ones. Those who did not have much money built them from older models. Drag racing was also popular. We would invade U.S. 30 or the Union Grove Wisconsin drag strips on weekends to watch the races. Some of the guys raced their own cars.

The one thing we never missed was the annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. It was our Haj to Mecca.

The Chicago Auto Show starts its 107th year this weekend. It is the largest auto show in America. The Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) has operated, managed, and run the show since 1935. CATA is the nation's oldest and largest metropolitan automobile trade organization.

The Chicago Auto Show opens on February 14th and runs through February 22nd. at McCormick Place.

The Auto Show uses the North and South Halls of McCormick Place, taking up over one million square feet, just under half of the exhibition hall's available space.

The show hosts a two day media preview. Here are some of the exhibitions on display from day one.

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