Blizzard of 2015: Nothing stops Chicago

Blizzard of 2015: Nothing stops Chicago
Image: PV Bella

It is Tuesday. Chicago is still standing. The major weekend blizzard, snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, or death blizzard did no harm. It was just one of those normal minor life inconveniences.

The blizzard did not stop the Sunday Chicago Tribune from being delivered.

The blizzard did not stop the Sunday Chicago Tribune from being delivered. (PV Bella)

Unlike New York, where just the thought of a dusting of snow shuts down the whole city, Chicago goes about its business.

We are not stopped by a couple of feet of white stuff. Gale force winds? Just another day.

Chicago is a strong city. A city of real people. We survive. We thrive. Weather does not stop us.

Snow? Big deal.


Chicagoans go out and enjoy the blizzard. (PV Bella)

Chicagoans do not fear blizzards. We go out and enjoy the weather. We are Chicago Strong.

A few feet of snow and drifts does not turn us into cowards and weaklings, like those folks from New York and other East Coast cities.

Chicagoans do not consider blizzards dangerous. They are mere challenges to overcome.

We took the challenge. Real Chicagoans showed up for work on Monday. A heroic young man, who was out of school because the adults did not want to put themselves in harms way, went through the neighborhood offering to shovel snow. The most dangerous part was the blinding sunshine.

Other school age kids were out playing in weather deemed to dangerous for cowardly teachers and school bureaucrats.


Faking taking the Polar Plunge. (PV Bella)

It snows. Chicago digs out. Then we go to work or play. That is the Chicago Way.

Some had fun. Faking taking the polar plunge or making snow angels. Others just braved it and did what they had to do.

Making snow angels. (PV Bella)

Making snow angels. (PV Bella)

Chicagoans do not empty stores out like pathetic east coast survivalists.

Chicagoans do not heed the warnings of politicians, like New Yorkers, who obey every edict from their Dear Leader.

Chicagoans let the good times roll. We dig in, get out, go to work, or go out and play.

Snow, like rain, heat waves, or other weather occurrences, are minor challenges to be overcome.

Nothing stops Chicago. More snow is predicted. Bring it on. Chicago will just keep going.

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