"It's only a movie. It's only a movie..."

Just when you think people, pundits, columnists, journalists, and celebrities could not get any dumber or more gullible, they amaze you.

The movies, "Selma" and "American Sniper" are causing controversy all over the Twatterverse, Facebook, in newsrooms, political offices, and the febrile minds of celebrities.

"Selma" is being panned because of historical inaccuracies. "American Sniper" is being raged against because it promotes war, killing, guns, racism, Islamaphobia, and a host of other nonsensical things.

When did America turn into a nation of cretinous dullards? These are movies. Movies are entertainment. They are not documentaries. Movies, movies, they are only silly movies.

When did movies become a litmus test for anything?

In the case of Selma, the producers did what every producer does with a movie based on history. They took creative or artistic license. So what? Selma is not meant to educate. It is meant to be dramatic entertainment.

American Sniper is a piece of entertainment people are arguing about. Again, "It's only a movie". It's sole purpose is dramatic entertainment. Some claim "American Sniper" is war propaganda, engenders stirrings in people, celebrates killing, and all kinds of mumbo jumbo.

Michael Moore, who makes movies based on his own feverish creativity, tweeted some utter nonsense about "American Sniper". Who in their right mind takes Moore seriously? He makes silly movies just like everyone else in Hollywood. His movies are not documentaries, no matter how much he lies about them. They are pure unadulterated entertainment. Maybe he is jealous. When was the last time this second rate has been got a big payday?

Seth Rogen was another lemming who made ridiculous statements about "American Sniper". Gee, did the last movie he make cause journalists seek out heads of state to assassinate?

There are no secret messages in these two films. Playing them backwards will not hypnotize you to organize a cast of thousands to do something or shave your head, climb a tower, and start killing people with a high powered rifle.

They are works of art based on real people and events. Artistic license was taken to portray certain characteristics, environments, and events. Nothing more. Nothing less.

The only legitimate criticism should be aimed at the quality of the work. The acting, directing, sets, designs, scripts, lighting, scores, etc.

Everything else is just dumb people being dumb people.

How is it supposedly educated, intelligent, or even intellectual people are such idiots?

Movies are made for two reasons. To create a work of entertainment art and to earn money, preferably a lot of money. That is it.

It makes no difference who makes the movies. Spike Lee. Clint Eastwood, Michael Moore, Ava DuVernay, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, or anyone else. They all have the same goal in mind. Create and collect beaucoup kachingos.

Movies are fantasy. They are not intended to be accurate portrayals. Documentaries are supposed to do that. Many of those fail on occasion, devolving into entertainment.

Go to the movies. "Watch Selma" or "American Sniper". Plunk your money down for a ticket. Grab some popcorn and get away from reality for a while. Enjoy yourself.

Ignore the chattering chimpanzees, babbling baboons, and prattering poltroons. They are all meaningless simple minded folks who deserve our empathy. They should be pitied, not taken seriously.

Just keep repeating in between handfuls of popcorn, "It's only a movie. It's only a movie..."

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