CTA bids farewell to 2400 Series cars


Goodbye 2400. Conductor pulling out of the Damen Brown Line Station on one of the last runs. (PV Bella)

In 1976, the CTA took its first delivery of the 2400 Series rail cars for use on the elevated and subway system.

Because of the nation's Bicentennial, the cars had a red, white, and blue motif.

The cars were part of a ongoing effort to modernize. At the time the CTA was had cars dating back to the 1940s.

The 2400 Series were a continuation of high performance cars starting with the 2000 Series in 1964 and 2200 Series in 1970. 200 of the cars ere built. The 2400 Series was considered the most modern mass transit system conveyance at the time.

The 2400 Series were built by Boeing-Vertol. Two hundred cars were manufactured. In 2011, the CTA introduced the 5000 Series. The agency began to retire the 2400 Series cars.

In celebration of the final retirement, the CTA planned a last ride for one train of 2400 Series cars. The train would make one round trip run on each of the lines it served.

Ads from the mid 1970's through 80's festooned the overhead space. Several are in the gallery below.

One of the lines chosen was the Brown Line. The train was scheduled to leave the Kimball station at about noon. Once passengers were boarded there was a delay. Passengers were asked to leave the train. A vandal jumped the fence from Kimball and spray painted the side of the train. He was seen running away. The train was moved to another location so the vandalized cars could be removed and the graffiti cleaned off.

Several minutes later, the train pulled back into the station and was ready for service. The train made all stops along the Brown Line on its round trip. Several personnel from the CTA were on board for this historic event.

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