Budweiser Clydesdales, wolves, and Gooseweiser 'Oh my'

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

Like other major events, movie premiers, elections, entertainment award ceremonies, or beauty pageants, it brings out the worst in people.

What could be sillier than whiny people and addle brained sports writers thinking  the Washington Redskins should change the name of the team because redskin is a pejorative term for Native Americans?

A petition to stop Budweiser from airing a commercial that casts wolves in a demonizing light.

"Take action — tell Budweiser to pull its wolf-hating ad, demonizing an endangered species is no way to sell beer."

The ad (Above) depicts a lost puppy about to be attacked by a snarling wolf. The Budweiser Clydesdale horses come to the rescue, sending the wolf packing. No wolf was harmed or depicted as being harmed by the Clydesdales. Unless, of course, a wolf forced to flee is damaging to its fragile self esteem and over tender sensitivities.

Wolf hating? Demonizing?

You cannot make this stuff up. As of this writing, over 11,000 people signed this petition.

Some of the comments were priceless. This one has to be the best:

"You cannot find another way to entertain and sell your product? Why not return to the days of showing off your horses. Your message is one of intolerance when the world needs the marketing departments to wake up and stop fueling the hate/struggle concept and move to more ideas of inclusiveness."

Okay, whatever that means.

What if these professional petition people were around for this ad. It is guaranteed to make their heads explode.

There is a greater concern with Anheuser Busch. Since they bought Goose Island brewery, liquor stores and patrons are up in arms. One liquor store named it Gooseweiser.

Imagine the Gooseweiser Gaggle. A team of geese performing synchronized waddling.

If the Gooseweiser moniker catches on, petitions will be flying all over the place complaining about fueling the hate/struggle concept. Everyone knows geese are great eating and fois gras is one of God's great foods. Why show them so much hate? Why create struggle?

Why demean a fowl that provides so much gustatory pleasure?

Some people just need something to whine and complain about. This is what makes America great. The right to whine and complain about any irrelevant thing that comes along.

Maybe we should celebrate and enshrine whining as one of America's core values. Change the words to the National Anthem from the "Home of the Brave" to the "Home of the Whine".

It is no wonder America is the laughing stock of the world. Even primitive cultures will not take a nation of whiners seriously.

Enough whining about whiners. Time to get ready to place my bets on the big game. I must reserve my whining for the action or lack thereof on the field.

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