Sony, America, and a fat midget with a bad haircut

Americans got a bad taste of what real power is. Sony and theater chains pulled the Christmas release of "The Interview". The reason, the cyber hacks on Sony and alleged threats from North Korean hackers if the movie is shown.

Sony and movie theaters got their butts kicked by a fat midget with a bad haircut.

The United States saw a demonstration of real power by a fat midget with a bad haircut.

We, as a nation were embarrassed by a fat midget with a bad haircut.

Thanks to Sony, America took the title of "Surrender Monkey" away from France.

Vive le midget gras avec une mauvaise coupe de cheveux.

North Korean hackers showed America who has real power. North Korea did not want Americans to see a movie. North Korea won.

America showed weakness in the face of a third world tin pot dictatorship. The United States was embarrassed on the world stage by a nation that cannot feed its own people. Our country was humiliated by an insignificant bizarre lunatic and cowardly corporate suits here.

The North Koreans do not fear or respect America. They know the people who run and give legal advice to businesses are craven pantywaists. They can bring them groveling on their knees or in a fearful fetal position with mere threats.

Freedom of expression and speech died when Sony decided to pull "The Interview". A company that earns its money from free speech and expression self censored itself. The American people suffered from it, even if reported rumors are true the movie is dumb, silly, or not that good.

America will not see a silly movie because the Hermit Kingdom did not want us to see it.

Paramount was the next company to fall to cowardice. Some theaters wanted to re-release "Team America". Paramount put the kibosh on that.

People were denied a pieces of expressive art because it offended a fat midget with a bad haircut.

North Korea has the real power. They showed America what real power is. The kind of power that makes quisling executives quake in their brogans. Let's face it folks, we are no longer the land of the free and home of the brave. We are the land of the cowards and the home of the yellow bellies.

America was humiliated and brought to its knees by a bizarre lunatic.

The cowards and quislings reside in offices, wear bespoke suits and ties, and grovel for their six, seven, and eight figure salaries. They are called executives, attorneys, and public relations weasels.

CEOs should be renamed Chief Chicken Hearts. The American Bar Association should be renamed the American Blackguard Association.

The Hermit Kingdom is immune from carrot and stick diplomacy. It is a bizarre state of affairs. They know we can do nothing to them. Economic and diplomatic sanctions failed. Incentives failed. The Hermit Kingdom can do what it wants, when it wants.

The Hermit Kingdom is the real power. America is powerless.

North Korea struck at the heart of America, freedom of speech and expression, without fear of consequence or repercussion. The Hermit Kingdom knew it could get away with it and they did.

North Korea knows American business is run by cowards. They know the government is run by people who draw multiple lines in the sand with no consequences.

Sony and Paramount set a dangerous precedent through self censorship. Now, any tin pot dictatorship or terrorist group can bring us down to our knees. They can deny anyone of us our right to speak or express ourselves freely.

What will they strike next? The press? Most of the news media is corporate. It is run by cowardly CEOs and blackguard attorneys. If there is a threat about a major story some country or group does not like, the news media suits will cave like a badly baked souffle.

North Korea showed America what real power is. Glib tongued politicians, tactful diplomats, the largest most powerful military in the world, and strategic nuclear weapons are not real power.

A fat midget with a bad haircut is real power. Kim Jong-un should demand a special Oscar for his spectacular performance.

The cowards would give it to him too, along with best wardrobe design, best hairstyle, and a cover shot on Vogue.

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