It is Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve


Tonight is Christmas Eve.

Most are putting last minute touches on decorations, wrapping gifts, cooking, baking, or just chilling out, waiting for midnight. The arrival of a Child, the Light of the World and Santa Claus, with his sack full of bounty.

Some will attend midnight religious services.

Some will be sitting around, maybe in front of a fire, listening to Christmas Carols, sipping a favorite adult beverage, or snuggling with a significant other.

As midnight approaches, take a minute to remember those who will not be home with their families. Those who will not come home in time to see the joy in their children's eyes on Christmas morning.

There are the cops and firemen, who do not even know if the will live another Christmas, as they work their shifts.

The paramedics and emergency room personnel tending to the sick, injured, wounded, and dying.

There are the people in the service and hospitality industry, tending to your whims and wants.

There are emergency utility crews, at work or on call, in case there is a power outage or gas leak.

The cab drivers, bus drivers, and train engineers, who take you from here to there.


The snow plow drivers, who might be out if the weather cooperates and gives us a white Christmas.

Truckers, trying to make the last trip and get home in time for Christmas.

Military personnel, flung around the four corners of the world, some in harms way, some away from home for the very first time. Some, in harms way, may never come except in a flag draped coffin.

Reporters who need to get us the news in time for the morning paper. Other journalists, far from home, some in harms way too.

Diner owners who cannot afford to close for even one night.


Bartenders, serving your drinks and hearing your tales of woe, braggadocio, or watching you sip in silence.

Airline pilots, guiding travelers through the night skies in all time zones.

For many people Christmas is a time of bad memories. People cannot get over tragedies that befell them, whether it was the death of a loved one or some other catastrophic event over the holiday season.


Do not forget those who have no home for Christmas. Or those who are needy, hungry; the sick, the hospitalized, the lonely who have no one to spend Christmas with, and the elderly, who are only left with memories of Christmas past.

Remember that everyone is not as fortunate as you. Take a few minutes to think or pray for those who are in need, suffering, working, or far away from home on this Night of Nights.

Then, remember what Christmas is all about.

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