Happy New Year

While many of you will be celebrating New Year's Eve, also known as amateur night, some of us will be working.

Bartenders will be serving the amateur drinkers who will revel until they pass out, get sick, or stumble and crawl out into the early morning streets.

Hospitality workers will be on hand to help you amateurs their maws before they drink bars dry and make fools of themselves.

Cops will be dealing with the amateurs, as well as all the other disturbances and normal calls.

Firemen and paramedics will be on duty to save life and property.

Emergency room and other hospital personnel will be working to tend to the sick, injured, and wounded.

Cab drivers and public transit operators will be working to carry drunken amateurs home.

Reporters and photojournalists will be working news stories. (I will be photographing a late night protest.)

Diners will be open to serve early breakfasts to late night amateur revelers. They hope the food will prevent hangovers and other assorted maladies derived from their amateur bout of drinking the bars dry.

Emergency utility crews will be working or on call in case there are electrical outages or gas problems.

So, remember, while you are out drinking, eating, carousing, at home hosting a party or attending a house party, others are working, They do not get to celebrate.

Make one resolution for 2015. Be grateful to and remember to thank people for their service. Tip a little better. Look at and treat people who serve with respect. The hardest jobs in the world are dealing with you, the fickle public. Give these people the respect they deserve.

To all of those who serve, in the public and private sectors.

To my family, friends and acquaintances, and to all of you, Happy New Year.

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