Bears organization is a debauchery of dumb

The Chicago Bears shed blood on Monday. Not on the field of glory. There is no glory left.

In an abattoir called Halas Hall, they finally, finally fired head coach, Marc Trestman and general manager, Phil Emery.

Mop boy, Ted Phillips, was seen swabbing the gore.

Yawn. Scratch. Stretch. Big deal.

George McCaskey and the ne'er do well heirs of Halas are still in charge of the team. That means one thing. More disappointment, malpractice, and malfeasance.

The McCaskeys are football royalty in Chicago and the NFL. The scions of Halas, like those of other royal families, are wastrels. They are unfit to run a professional football team. They are unfit to run a Pop Warner Midget team. They are even unfit to watch football.

The only things the scions of Halas are good at, are counting kachingos and laughing all the way to the bank. Laughing at you, the suffering fans.

Bears fans be damned. It is all about the kachingos. To the McCaskeys, football is not about winning. It is not about hiring the best talent across the board to field the best team. Football is all about money.

Perfume permeates Halas Hall. The smell of money. It masks the stench of a doddering decaying royal family.

Dysfunction is too kind a word for this past season. Even disaster is not strong enough. Rot and decomposition come close.

The Bears organization is a debauchery of dumb. The man who should be fired is George McCaskey. Another wastrel Halas scion should not replace him. The McCaskeys should look outside the family for a person who knows how to manage and develop a football team properly. Selling tickets, Bears baubles, and bangles, and overseeing revenue sharing agreements do not make a championship team.

It would be way better if the McCaskeys sold the team. That will never happen. They love milking that cash cow more than they love the Bears, the fans, or the City of Chicago.

Bears fans, you are stuck with a bunch of losers, the McCaskey family. George Halas is probably spinning in his grave at the thought his heirs turned out to be squandering vagabonds. His legacy is in ruins.

Bears fans, it is time to throw in the towel. Give it up. As long as the McCaskeys own the Bears, you will be in for continual disappointment.

Switch to another sport, soccer or rugby. Find teams to support. These people play their hearts out. There are no slackers on the field or in the front offices.

Surrender. Burn your Bears garbage. Stop buying tickets or wasting money at bars. Stop believing in a fantasy. Like the Chicago Cubs, the Bears will not be a championship team in your lifetime. Your redemptive suffering will bring no rewards.

Jackie Robinson West, a Little League team, is the third best sports team in Chicago, behind the Bulls and Hawks. Think about that. A Little  League team outranks the Bears.

At least the Cubs are Lovable Losers. The Bears organization, as a whole, has no redeeming qualities. There is no reason to suffer any longer.

TheBears quit on you. It is time to quit them.

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