Illinois: It is time to stop campaigning and start working

Yesterday, the ballot choices were:

"...Externally devoted apes, base snites,

Puffed-up, wry-necked beasts, worse than the Huns,

Or Ostrogoths, forerunners of baboons:

Cursed snakes, dissembled varlets, seeming sancts,

Slipshod caffards, beggars pretending wants,

Fat chuffcats, smell-feast knockers, doltish gulls,

Out-strouting cluster-fists, contentious bulls,

Fomenters of divisions and debates..." (Gargantua and Pantagruel/Rabalais)

Congratulation to the winners. The losers can be tossed on the trash heap of history. Hopefully never to be heard from again.

It is now time to put party politics, partisanship, and ideology (Idiotology) behind. It is time to do the work the people elected you to do.

No more vicious, evil, dirty campaign talking points. No more class warfare, social/cultural warfare, wars on women, children, babies, or "Who's zoomin who".

No more nonsense. Just do your jobs.

Multi-millionaire, Bruce Rauner, beat poor Pat Quinn. If the news media can keep referring to Rauner as a multi-millionaire, we should call Quinn what he is.

Mike Madigan is doing the arithmetic. Yes, he and Cullerton have a veto proof majority hold on the state legislature. No, neither man is dumb. They know the electorate is angry. They know in two years, Rauner and the GOP can field popular candidates to erode their super majority.

An accommodation will be made, if it has not been made already. Madigan never took Pat Quinn seriously. Quinn did not know or care how things were done. Quinn only knew how to flap is populist soup coolers. Quinn had nothing to do with all the things he took credit for.

Quinn would sign legislation, lunch menus, laundry lists, napkins, autograph books, any kind of paper, then hold a press conference touting his achievement for the children or something. Quinn took all the credit for what the legislature did and none of the blame for his administrative failures.

Rauner has an ace in the hole, Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Emanuel, to the anger of progressive absolutists, put party nonsense aside, and made pragmatic decisions to right Chicago's sinking ship. Rauner is the same type of person, pragmatic. Their relationship will go far in getting things done in Springfield and for Chicago.

Madigan, Cullerton, Emanuel, and Rauner know that governing is about relationships, negotiation and compromise. It is not about party loyalty or ideological purity. The win-win is always preferred to the win-lose situation.

Party loyalty, absolutism, and ideological purity are why Washington is in gridlock. They are the reason politician and government are dirty words.

The ideological absolutists and party loyalists are the only ones who are angry. They are the reason government is in such a mess. Their social, class, and political warfare created chaos. Their bloody red meat rhetoric made them look foolish. They throw around terms like RINO, 1%er, corporatism, banksters, war on women, babies, children, whoever.

The absolutists and party loyalists from both sides of the political spectrum took a beating on Election Day. People are mad. They are willing to crossover to show their anger.

There is  lesson here that the absolutists and loyalists will never learn. As long as they stay in their echo chamber they can do no more harm.

This is or should be the age of pragmatists. People who can work to get things done instead of talk nonsense and fail. This should be the age of non-partisanship. If the voters keep holding politicians accountable they will not have careers. They will be one term wonders.

Hopefully, things will change for the better. Hopefully Illinois and Chicago can move forward.

It remains to be seen if Washington can do anything other than make us all mad.

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