Chicago: The week that was

It was an interesting week and start to the month of October. Our local news media was full of compelling stories. Here are some.


Hot Doug's closing. For the past two weeks people have been forming long lines to get their last fix of Hot Doug's gourmet encased meats. Some even camped out overnight. Last month, when Apple iPhone fanatics camped out at North and Clybourne, a local pizza joint dropped off food for them. It does not appear Apple returned the favor by dropping off new iPhone 6s to the Hot Doug's crowd.

Best wishes to Doug Sohn.


Crotch grabbing. #Feelingnuts is going viral. Crotch grabbing, once refined to macho men on street corners, is going altruistic. The creation of Check One Two, the #Feelingnuts campaign is a take off on the Ice Bucket Challenge. It is designed to raise awareness of testicular cancer. Men photograph themselves grabbing their crotch while challenging others to do the same. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman, Ricky Gervais, and William Shatner helped the campaign go viral.

I got your cancer right here.

Ebola epidemic. The Ebola epidemic in West Africa brought out the worst in people, especially the angry birds and lynch mobs on social media. There are calls to seal the borders, keep people suffering from the virus out of our country, and other ridiculous notions based on stupidity and ignorance. Only four Americans have come back with signs of the disease. If it was four hundred, who cares. We treat the sick and find ways to cure or mitigate disease.

Only the truly inhumane or pathetically stupid would advocate stopping people coming here for treatment.

Olive Garden. Olive Garden opened its first store in Chicago. Governor Pat Quinn showed up for some reason or another. The local news media was agog and giddy.

The question is why?

NFL Draft. Mayor Emanuel scored a coup by luring the NFL to hold their 2015 draft here. People are naturally criticizing the move. These are probably the same people who will camp out overnight to make sure they can get in.

Now if he can just get the Superbowl here.

Bears lost again. It is going to be a  long season.

Maybe they can draft some real talent when the NFL draft comes here.


Chicago Tribune photo.

Robert Feder. Robert Feder's blog is going behind the Chicago Tribune paywall, their Digital Plus subscription. Feder's blog is licensed under the Tribune Media Group. The social media lynch mobs and angry birds let fly. They do not understand the news business is a business.

Buy a subscription. Don't be a chiseler and a cheapskate.

Flights delayed or grounded. Between sabotage by a disgruntled contract employee and bad weather, flights into and out of Chicago have been delayed or grounded this past week. The mayor is angry about the response and repair of the sabotage. It is not known what he said or yelled to Mother Nature about the weather.

Maybe Mother Nature will throw her hat in the ring for the mayoral election. Her temperament is as bad and fluctuating as the mayor's.


Ride in Style. Bicyclists and there so called rights are in and out of the news. Those needy, entitled, gaudy spandex wearing, menaces love publicity. If you are going to ride a bicycle the least you can do is ride in style.

Matching shoes and dress.

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