The NFL-NFLPA Village Idiots are world champions

NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, the National Football League, and the National Football League Players Association are the toughest team in sports. They are one mean machine.

They are world champions.

With their back office of pubic relations coaches, trainers, and mangers, they will bowl over any and all opposition.

There is only one appropriate name for these Monsters of Mayhem. The Village Idiots. They are legends in their own minds.

Disclaimer: Village Idiots may be offensive or insensitive. I am not an idiotist.  I have no animus towards idiots. Some of my best friends are idiots. I do not mind idiots living in my neighborhood or even next door to me. I have no problem working with or for idiots. If I had a sister, I would not object if she married an idiot.

This week the Village Idiots will take to the field to play foolsball. Goodell and his teammates are bringing in a group of women experts to help craft a policy on domestic violence.

There is no need for experts, men or women. There is no need for education. There is only a need for an enforceable policy. A zero tolerance policy. A one strike rule. One strike and you are out of the league forever. This rule should apply to other criminal and reprehensible behavior.

Every responsible organization has some policy against bringing discredit, shame, or besmirching the integrity of the entity. People are fired for it.

The NFL and NFLPA are irresponsible organizations. They cannot enforce integrity issues because they have no integrity.

If domestic violence, child abuse, or other criminal and reprehensible behavior does not bring discredit or shame to the NFL and NFLPA then they are a sad pathetic bunch. The Village Idiots suits them to a tee.

The NFL policy on gambling is more severe than their policy on abhorrent behavior. Gambling is considered detrimental to the integrity of the game. Criminal, violent, or other despicable behavior is tolerable. A slap on the wrist and you are good to go.

Whether it is child abuse, domestic violence, illegal drug use, animal cruelty, or reprehensible behavior, one offense is too many. There should be no keep the door open, welcome mat out, the porch light on, and dinner waiting on the table policy.

Excuses the Village Idiots give about due process, the criminal justice system, and fairness are as lame as they are.

The Village Idiots are not seeking fair or legal treatment of their players. They are trying to protect a few thugs, criminals, and social outcasts who bring in the kachingos. At the end of the day, it is all about the kachingos.

The attitude towards their delinquent charges is our fault. We have this fascination with and adoration of sports figures. They are given cult like hero status.

People cry foul when their sports icons are sidelined for acting like louts. The word fair is tossed around as if it has any meaning. Functional illiterates cry about due process, the criminal justice system, and other things they know nothing about.

Roger Goodell, the NFL, and the NFLPA know that doing nothing is the best course of action. They just have to make doing nothing look like doing something. It is a great parlor game. An act of prestidigitation. They will confer with their so-called experts. They will craft a policy to protect the players and keep the kachingos rolling in.

The players will get away with anything they want. The NFL and NFLPA know the public could care less.

All the public needs, wants, and desires is on the field. They would cheer the most heinous criminal if he was on supervised release from prison to play football once a week.

Banning a player seems cruel to the adoring public. There are not many jobs for people with degrees in Basket Weaving, Coloring Book Studies, or Lego™ Theory.

There are consequences for abhorrent behavior. None of them are good.

Football players are public figures, representatives of their team, the league, and idols to children. They should be held to a higher standard of conduct.

Unfortunately, it is too easy to idolize a sports hero even if he is a despicable human being. The Village Idiots depend on that.

A harsh unforgiving policy will do more than all the phony forgiveness, rehabilitation, and other mumbo jumbo the Village Idiots spew out.

Pour exemple pour les autres. Make an example of one or two for the others. It would only take a few bans for life to make these millionaire and deca-millionaire players toe the line.

You do not stop criminal or reprehensible behavior by rewarding it. You do not address domestic violence, child abuse, or any other societal issue with slaps on the wrist.

There is no right to a career. There is no right to play professional sports. There is no fair.

The Village Idiots dropped the ball one too many times. The have no credibility. They deserve no respect. Yet, like politicians, they know one thing. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average American. That is how the NFL brings in billions of dollars.

The public watches the games and buys all the NFL branded garbage. Sponsors line up to spend billions in advertising dollars.

The Village Idiots know that. That is why the Monsters of Mayhem are world champions at doing nothing.

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