Olive Garden is coming to Avondale: There goes the neighborhood

Chicago news media is agog that Olive Garden is bringing their "$9.99 Never Ending Pasta Bowl" and unlimited breadsticks to Chicago's Avondale neighborhood.

Olive Garden and the rest of the Darden Restaurants are heavy media advertisers. It is hard to blame the media for pretending their move into Chicago is a major news story.

The nationwide chain will be inviting diners to stuff their maws with industrial mung and dreck at 3555 W. Addison. The only good news is the chain will provide 170 jobs.

The sad thing is the restaurant will probably be a success. The people who will flock there are the same ones who believe Taco Bell is authentic Mexican food, Chipolte is healthier, and Outback is a real steakhouse.

There are plenty of good authentic Italian restaurants in Chicago. Just like there are good authentic Mexican, Greek, Chinese, and other ethnic restaurants.

Why in the Great Comedian's name would anyone eat at Olive Garden and think it is real Italian, let alone real food?

Fried lasagna? Italian Margarita? Chicken meatballs? Wings? Who are they kidding? The photographs of their food do not even make it look appetizing. It looks like frozen stuff you toss into the nuker.

Chicago should be embarrassed that Olive Garden is opening one of their food factories here. With all the great food this city has to offer, the last thing we should need or want is another mung and dreck operation.

Real Italian restaurants should not be threatened yet. There are none near the Olive Garden location. The neighborhood is not a tourist mecca either.

The people who "dine" there are the same ones who eat at fast food franchises, those too lazy to cook, and the cheapskates and chiselers who look for anything that resembles a freebie.

It is a pity and a shame a great food city with such a great food history celebrates the opening of Olive Garden.

But there may be hope. There may be some comedic effect to Olive Garden coming to Chicago. We know the type of people who eat at places like Olive Garden.

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