Lincoln Park: Whiners versus pirates

To me way, hay
Tow them away
We plunder the streets of your town
Be it Edsel or Chevy there's no car to heavy
And no one can make us shut down (Lincoln Park Pirates/Steve Goodman)

Parents whose children attend the oh so haughty British School of Chicago are whining and complaining. They are crying, stamping their little designer shoe clad feet and pounding their chubby little fists.

When dropping off or picking up their sperm and egg omelets at the school, parents park in a shopping mall lot across the street. Their cars are immediately towed by a company contracted by the property owners.

The parents claim they are left stranded. They are appalled they cannot just park where they want, leave their cars to drop off or pick up their precious golden sprogs.

The angry birds and lynch mobs on social media are appalled and commiserating with these oh so put upon parents. The situation is turning into a major pity party.

Who do these parents think they are? Do they really believe they are entitled to do anything they want without consequences? Apparently so. They refer  to the towing company as "predatory". Some of the entitled mommies even claim the tows are illegal.

Oh, those poor entitled babies. They behave worse than their entitled golden spawn. They are also teaching their sproglodytes how to be entitled while doing the wrong thing. They are raising future Damiens and preciousssssss Gollums.

According to news reports, the parents were warned that their unattended cars will be towed if they continued to use the lot. Evidently their sense of entitlement caused them to believe no one would dare tow their vehicles.

Since no one is using the lot or there are spaces available they should just be allowed to park, dropping off or picking up their Bratleighs. They are entitled, you see.

There should be no mercy or pity for these parents. If there was blazing triple digit heat, a torrential rainstorm, raging snowmageddon blizzard, or polar vortex double digit wind chill factor temperatures, there should be no pity or mercy. No sympathy or empathy.

There should only be revulsion at their entitled boorish behavior. There should be detestation at their whining, complaining, moaning, and crying over their sense of entitlement.

The shopping mall parking lot is private property for customers only. Signs are posted. If the the businesses are not open in the morning or there are available spaces in the afternoons the parking lot is still off limits. There is no special entitlement just because their children attend the pretentious Brittwit School.

These parents have no right to park, leave their cars, and not expect them to be towed. They have every expectation to become stranded due to their own reckless sense of entitlement.

The tow truck pirates will strike. The parents will be oh so inconvenienced, traveling across the city and paying ransom to get their cars back. That is the way is is. That is the way it is supposed to be.

These parents are worse than the spandex clad bicyclists who menace our streets and sidewalks with their entitled recklessness. Those who sympathize are just as bad. Wrong is wrong. There is no sympathy to be had. If you do something wrong there are consequences. You suffer.

If you do not want to be stranded, inconvenienced, or suffer, do not leave your car in that parking lot. Leave your overblown sense of entitlement at home. Stop whining and complaining like your little shrieklings. Grow up.

Oh, and set a proper example for your bratzillas too. Or they will grow up to be worse entitled hellspawn than you are.

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