Chicago Riverwalk: Men and machines working together

Walking past the Chicago river in the  loop you will see cranes, hear noise, feel rumbling, and maybe experience some flying dust or exhaust fumes.


A bundle holding steel components swings over the river from Wacker Drive. (PV Bella)

Construction on the Riverwalk extension is in full swing. Men and machines working together in harmony.

While hoping to get just a few good pictures and some video, I spent almost two hours in rapt fascination watching men and machinery.

I wasn't alone. People crossing the State Street bridge or those walking along Wacker Drive also stopped to rubberneck. Some for a few minutes others longer.

All the while the regular boat traffic plied the river. Sometimes certain activities, like cranes off loading trucks at street level, had to stop to allow the boat traffic through.


Some work was halted to allow regular bot traffic on the river. (PV Bella)

Watching the combination of men and machinery reminds one of choreographed dance troupes.

Since the late 19th Century, men and machines worked in synchronicity to change the face of Chicago.

Chicago is a city of construction, demolition, and rehab or re-purposing.

Men and machines, noise, soot, and dirt. Steel and concrete.

Men and machines are our sign of progress.  Of creating building, restoring, preserving, or repairing. One cannot work without the other. They must work in harmony.

Construction on Chicago Riverwalk from Second City Shooters on Vimeo.

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