Chicago Food Swap finds new home

The Chicago Food Swap held their monthly event in their new home, Fearless Food Kitchen at the Broadway Armory Fieldhouse.

A food swap is a chance for food lovers to exchange homemade foods with each other. Nothing is sold or bought. It is run in the manner of a silent auction without the money.

Food swaps became popular after two women in Brooklyn started BK Swappers. As their food swap became popular and they started writing about it, they formed the Food Swap Network with other food swappers. Through the Food Swap Network people can find food swaps near them or learn how to host or attend a food swap.

The Chicago Food Swap is the brainchild of Emily Paster. Ms. Paster is a full time mother, part time professional, and avid foodie. She organizes the monthly event. Prior swaps took place all over the Chicago area. In partnership with the Peterson Garden Project, a citywide organization, Chicago Food Swap found a permanent home in the PGP's Fearless Food Kitchen, a teaching kitchen located in the old Broadway Armory.

The Chicago Food Swap offers a diverse mix of different home made goods. Canned fruits and vegetables,, baked, vegan, gluten free, home grown herbs, soups, sauces, dips, pastries, jellies, jams, preserves, hot sauces, salads, and whatever people can cook and package themselves.

The participants are also diverse in age, race, and ethnicity.

Food swaps are a great way to experience the creativity of home cooks. If you are thinking of launching a food product, it is a great way to test market your goods. Food Swaps are also a great way to meet people, especially like minded food people. Besides swapping food, you can swap recipes, discuss techniques, or learn how to improve your own home cooking. You can also learn where to get the best products or those hard to find products. especially ethnic items.

If you are interested in a food swap, think of something you can easily make. Sign up here. Make about a dozen items to start with and join in. At the very worst, you will have a good time. You may also go home with some tasty delights while others will take your delights home.

Once you get the hang of it, food swapping becomes a fun activity.


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