His name is Antonio Smith

His name is Antonio Smith
Image: PV Bella

His name is Antonio Smith.

He was shot and killed on Chicago's south side Wednesday night. He was nine years old. He was shot multiple times in the chest, hands, and arms.

Another family is traumatized by the death of their child.


Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Peter V. Bella)

It is a good bet Mayor Emanuel, once again, made a phone call or visit to the family expressing his condolences. No one should envy him for that. It is a job no one wants.

His name is Antonio Smith.

Antonio Smith will never be famous or garner national attention. There will be no mass protests over his murder.

No one will be claiming "I am Antonio Smith".

There is no outrage.

Life will go on until the next child is murdered. And the next. And the next.


There will be no mass protests through the streets over the murder of Antonio Smith. (Peter V. Bella)

There will be no calls for justice. There will be no social media lynch mobs with their hashtag campaigns demanding justice for Antonio Smith. There will be no protests in the Daley Center, Federal Plaza, or the streets.

The national news media and their blow dried made up entertainers will not swoop into Chicago like preying pterodactyls. Their news vans will not be roaming the south or west side streets looking for a scoop. Their faux celebrities will not be interviewing or trying to interview people with staged rock throwing to make it look real.

The president will not say anything. Eric Holder will not come to Chicago.

Hordes of activists will not descend on Chicago.

Antonio Smith will soon be forgotten except by those who loved him.

His name is Antonio Smith.

When is Chicago going to be traumatized? How many children and infants must be shot or killed before the citizens of this city are outraged?


Father Michael Phleger. (Peter V. Bella)

So far the only outrage is coming from Father Michael Phleger, pastor of St. Sabina.

"...I am just as OUTRAGED ABOUT A NINE YEAR OLD BOY SHOT MULTIBLE TIMES RIGHT HERE IN CHICAGO, AND THE OTHER 8 WOUNDED LAST NIGHT!!! We in Chicago ought to be just as vocal.... The MURDERING of our Children is Unacceptable Anywhere...Anytime............" (Father Michael Phleger/Facebook)

The killing of children is not just a problem for the mayor and police department. It is a problem for all of us. More so for those of us who are parents. There is always a subconscious fear in the mind of every parent when their child steps out of the house. We all have that fear.

The police department claims there is a gang dispute fueling some of the violence. This is the same old story along with dueling drug cartels.

Where is our outrage? What are we going to do about it? When are we going to finally demand these organized criminal enterprises be smashed?

It is not just up to the police or the mayor. It is up to all of us.

People, human beings, are killing our children. They are being killed over criminal enterprise turf wars and the economics of drug dealing. They are doing it anonymously. They are getting away with anonymity because no one wants to point fingers or name names in fear of being insensitive to something or other.

Never, in the history of this great city were so many innocent people murdered and nothing was done to stop it. Nothing was done by people to help find the murderers. Nothing was done to show our collective outrage over so much slaughter.

On February 14, 1929, seven members or associates of organized crime were gunned down in a garage on North Clark Street. Chicago was appalled at the savagery of this murder. There was outrage.

There was more collective outrage over the murder of seven criminals or wannabes in 1929 than there is over the the murders of innocent children today.

Wastrels and ne'er do wells spend more time on social media complaining about bloodshed and violence in other parts of the country or world instead of aiming anger in their own back yards. That is, when they are not wasting their lives posting cat pictures and videos.

These are tough times for certain neighborhoods in Chicago. Tough times require tough measures. People all over this city must say enough is enough.

It is time to stop being politically correct. It is time to stop worrying about the tender sensitive feelings of street gang members, cartel leaders, and the politicians, community organizers, and organizations who enable them.

We should demand names and pictures of the hoodlums and thugs creating so much misery in Chicago. The news media should be putting them on the front page. Picture and name after picture and name.

We should know who the faces of violence are. They should be as recognizable as former Chicago Outfit members were.

Organized crime was not crushed and diminished by police and federal investigations alone. There was a long well coordinated publicity campaign conducted. The war on organized crime was waged on the front pages of newspapers and television screens.

We need a new information war. We also need to be aware that this is not just a racial or ethnic problem. It is a problem for all of us.

The digital information age is a blessing and a curse.

It is a curse because so much time is wasted on nonsense. It is a blessing because if used properly productive outrage can effect change. It is up to us to decide if we are wastrels and ne'er do wells or agents of change.

His name is Antonio Smith. Don't forget.






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