Czech Dixieland Jazz comes to Chicago

The Czech Dixieland Jazz Youth Band held a free concert in the Polish (Polonia) Triangle at Division, Milwaukee, and Ashland Avenues Tuesday evening.

The concert was under the auspices of Prague Committee of Sister Cities International and the T. G. Masaryk Czech School. Prague is a Sister City to Chicago.

Jazz has a long history in the Czech Republic. Before the First Republic (1918-1938), Dixieland and Ragtime was introduced. Jazz became very popular during the 1920s.

During the Nazi Occupation, Jazz flourished clandestinely. Under communism it kepr flourishing, though the communists considered it decadent.

The Czech Republic continues to produce internationally renowned jazz musicians.

Prague has many Jazz clubs, especially in the historic center, and jazz festivals are held throughout the year. For more information on Jazz in Prague read this article in

Czech Dixieland Juvenile Band at Polish Triangle from Second City Shooters on Vimeo.

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