Chicago SlutWalk 2014 takes to the streets

Several hundred people gathered in Daley Plaza to participate in SlutWalk 2014.

Some of the organizers of Chicgo SlutWalk 2014.

Some of the organizers of Chicgo SlutWalk 2014.

SlutWalk is an international movement with origins in Toronto, Canada. In 2011, the first SlutWalk was held in Toronto in response to a police officer’s statement that women should avoid dressing like sluts to prevent rape.

The first SlutWalk was held in Toronto in 2011. This marks the third year the event was held in Chicago.


Some men participated in the costume affair.

The event is a costume affair with women dressing like "sluts," some baring as much as legally permissible. Men also participated in the theater.

The movement spread globally and now includes members of the LGBT communities and other social movements.

After the rally at the Daley Center, the demonstrators marched through the Loop.

A police supervisor on the scene related they did not give him a route for the march. When the protesters approached State Street, they entered the street against police orders, and marched south.

Police efforts to get them back on the sidewalk were futile. The marchers headed towards Michigan Avenue and moved north. They shut down north bound traffic on the street.

They marched to Pioneer Court where a short rally was held. From their they marched down Michigan venue to the Water Tower where they held a final rally before dispersing.

Chicago Slutwalk 2014 from Second City Shooters on Vimeo.


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