Pho at Tank is a satiating lunch

Pho at Tank is a satiating lunch

Pho is a popular street food in Vietnam. It is popular in American Vietnamese restaurants, especially in Chicago.

Pho (pronounced fuh) is beef broth with slices of beef, beef tendon, tribe, herbs, and rice noodles (bánh phở).

The key to good pho is the broth. It should be clear with an earthy beef flavor. There should be a background of aromatics and spices.


A plate of basil, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapeno pepper accompanies the pho. (PV Bella)

The pho at Tank Noodle  Restaurant, 4953 N. Broadway, is good. It is very good. One sip of the broth, with its perfect beef flavor, tells you are in for a good meal.

There are only two portion sizes, regular and large. Looking at both, they should be large and extra large. The large is way more than enough for one person.


Beef tendon was gelatinous and delicious. (PV Bella)

The beef pho at Tank has thin slices of beef, beef tendon, tripe, and a meatball. A heaping portion of noodles lie on the bottom of the bowl. The dish is garnished with raw scallions and basil. A dish with more basil, bean sprouts, lime, and jalapeno pepper, accompanies the dish.

Pho at Tank is a pleasing combination of  color,flavor and texture. The beef tendon was almost gelatinous, the tripe and beef perfectly cooked, and the meat ball added a toothsome texture. The scallions added a small bite while the basil added herbal flavor.

The noodles, from which pho takes its name had a nice body and cooked to the right tenderness. By the way, these are slurping noodles. Do not be shy or embarrassed.

Eating pho is a two handed affair. Chopsticks in the dominant hand, Asian soup soon in the other. Sip the broth with the soon, eat the meats and slurp the noodles with the chopsticks.

It is not improper or uncivilized to put your face close to or in the bowl. If the solids are finished, you can take the bowl in both hands and drink the rest of the broth.


I ate the whole thing. (PV Bella)

As you can see, I ate the whole thing. The standard portion was $9.95. Traditionally, pho is eaten for breakfast. Pho is a satisfying meal anytime of the day.

Tank Noodle has a wide variety of Vietnamese dishes, but the menu is heavy on wonderful soups.




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