Packing House hosts Captain Morgan 1671 event

If there is anything I like better than eating, it is drinking good booze. I am more of a wine drinker these days, but I will try anything new that comes out.

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Major liquor companies are racing to bring out special or limited edition spirits to keep up with their competition. In a world where most high end spirits taste similar, they have to separate themselves from the pack.

This is especially true with specialty rums. Captain Morgan issued a special edition rum, Captain Morgan 1671 Commemorative Blend Spiced Rum. They are holding tasting events all over the country.

The rum is described as a blend of fine spices finished with Spanish Oak. The bottle resembles a jug.

Last evening they held an event at Packing House, on Randolph Street in the West Loop. West Loop Salumi is next door. They produce artisan cured meats from specially raised hogs. They display their products on the window.

Jon Ruiz, former chef at Samba Sushi and Sunda, performed wonders as a mixologist. He created three signature drinks for the event. Ruiz stated he got shifted to mixology because he wanted to see the front  of the house instead of working in the back.

The event brought together a diverse group of people including representatives from Chef Magazine, The Local Tourist, another ChicagoNow blogger, and the Wall Street Journal.

The second floor event space at Packing House was the perfect setting, offering views of the cityscape.

Jon Ruiz gave a demonstration of making the three signature cocktails he created. Ruiz is a craftsman. Each cocktail was delicious. Each went well with the food, trays of charcutierie, cheeses, pizza, tuna crudo, pulled pork, and tuna crudo.

Randolph Street changed drastically from a bustling food market area into a gentrified restaurant row. The neighborhood is safe and pleasant to walk through at night. A nightcap at the City Winery was in order, then a walk to the remodeled and well lit Green Line El station on Morgan.

July 15, 2014 from Second City Shooters on Vimeo.

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