Will the Rahmfather trump the Donald's Trump stamp

Will the Rahmfather trump the Donald's Trump stamp

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Early morning, Trump Tower from the Green Line. (Peter V. Bella)

There is quite a public conversation going on about Trump Tower. Trump Tower sits on the site of the former Sun-Times building, along the Chicago river.

It is a sleek, blue, sparkling architectural gem. It is a beautiful building that melds well with Chicago's historic architecture.

It soon will be a monument to Trump, Donald Trump, the Donald. the man with the golden ego. An ego the size of the universe.

Trump decided that his building must have his name emblazoned across it, large, like his ego. From the time the first letter was put in place, there was criticism, sometimes harsh criticism. Much of the criticism is from people who despise Donald Trump.

More reasonable people just cannot fathom why such a beautiful building needs a huge Trump stamp.


Trump Tower from Wabash and Monroe. The sleek modern tower melds with traditional architecture. (Peter V. Bella)

The legitimate criticism is from architectural aficionados, architects, and award winning architectural critics like the Chicago Tribune's architecture columnist, Blair Kamin.

Mayor Emanuel, through his spokesperson, thinks the sign is awful. Mayor Emanuel said nothing about how awful the sign was when Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd) gave the okay, the Zoning Board approved it and the city council passed the ordinance that allowed it.

There is also that $50,000 contribution Trump made to the mayor's campaign fund, along with $5,000 to Reilly.

The mayor, always sensitive to prevailing public winds, decided the sign is awful because many voters think it is awful. He or his minions follow the news and public opinion like predatory looming pterodactyls.

Mayor Emanuel does not like legitimate bad publicity for Chicago or himself.

According to reports, Mayor Emanuel is exploring options to have the sign removed. Good luck with that. Unless he pulls a Daley, ripping it out in the dead of night, the sign will be up for a very long time.

Donald Trump declares the Trump stamp will be as famous as the Hollywood sign in California. Trump is dreaming.


The beauty of art and Architecture. (Peter V. Bella)

For most, the sign is not the problem. The size of the sign is what makes it tasteless and abhorrent. It is a scar on an otherwise beautiful building

In Trump's world size matters. In Chicago taste matters. Unlike Trump and other New York rubes, Chicago has style and taste.

Chicago is the birthplace of the skyscraper. Chicago birthed of the City Beautiful Movement, which was adopted throughout the world, even in New York.

Donald, history is the birth certificate. Do not bother with your birther nonsense.

If it were not for the Chicago skyscraper, New York would still be an ugly slum of crumbling walk up tenements that occasionally collapse, trapping, injuring, and killing people.

Blair Kamin and the Chicago Tribune Editorial Board gave the sign a thumb's down. This is wrong. It is too mild. Too timid. Too Milquetoast.


The sign deserves the moutza. ( Chicago Tribune photo)

The Trump stamp deserves the moutza, a double moutza, a moutza to the head. Trump deserves the monthly moutza until the sign comes down or is shrunk to a tasteful size.


The rear of Trump Tower lit up for the Christmas holidays. (Peter V. Bella)

Unfortunately, this issue will not be resolved soon.

Emanuel has the ego and tenacity of a pit bull on steroids, especially when angered over bad publicity and negative public opinion.

Trump has the ego to match all egos, the money to out spend the city with top notch legal teams, and the gleeful willingness to go nuclear with litigation.

Donald Trump and Mayor Emanuel have one thing in common. Neither one is willing to hear the word "no". No, won't, and can't are not in their vocabularies.

This will be a match of the Titans. Trump has a case. The city, which has the right to regulate signs, approved it. The sign is almost up. Signed, sealed, and delivered courtesy of the City of Chicago.

Trump violated no ordinances, policies, or procedures. He did everything by the book. All 'i's" dotted and 't's" crossed.

Emanuel has the power, bully pulpit, public opinion, and the media behind him. It is a sure bet he can find reasons the sign should come down.

Even if the city offered to pay for the removal, which would only be just, Trump would litigate. Trump wants his name on his building writ big. We will be stuck with the Trump stamp for years, decades, or if Trump prevails, forever.

Trump is already waging a media war, giving interviews touting the greatness and glamour of his sign, his name, and his Trumpness. There is no indication he will back down. If his past history is any indication Trump will fight to keep the Trump stamp.

This is what happens when outsider rubes with more money than taste are allowed to do things in Chicago.








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