Trump: I love Trump and... the Trump stamp

Trump: I love Trump and... the Trump stamp
The Trump stamp. (Peter V. Bella)

It is evident that "third rate" developer, Donald Trump will go to great ends to praise himself and his Trump stamp. The "lightweight" developer penned a paean to his greatness, published in the Chicago Tribune.

Donald Trump loves Donald Trump. Trump loves the Trump stamp, emblazoned on the side of Trump Tower. He wants the Tribune and its readers to know this.

Trump made it very clear he has a lot of respect for Donald Trump. He spent a lot of time, effort, and money to put a building with a Trump stamp in Chicago. Trump is a brand that brings prominence to Trump just by the mere fact he mentions it.

Trump claims the Trump stamp is immensely popular in Chicago. He must have asked the guy who stares back at him from the bathroom mirror every morning.

Trump did take time to again disparage the Tribune's first rate award winning architecture critic, Blair Kamin. Then, he went on about Donald Trump, his favorite subject.

This sign is more famous than the Hollywood sign. Trump's sign will never compare.

This sign is more beautiful, famous, and iconic than the Hollywood sign and Trump stamp. The Trump stamp will never compare.

Trump reveled and wallowed in his Donaldness and the very essence of the Trumpness of his brand. Trump also kept reminding readers he is based in some primitive town called New York.

The Trump brand cannot be that popular in Chicago. Chicago businesses are not renting out the retail space in the Donald's tower. He is planning to turn the brand failure into meeting and conference rooms for the hotel.

Donald Trump's ego has no bounds. It is bigger than his buildings. Trump needs to let the whole world know he is the greatest. The fact no one listens is lost on him.

Trump does not realize or care that Chicago is laughing at him and his Trump Stamp. He is taking the advice of a deceased fourth rate architecture critic to ignore criticism of his designs.

The Donald can brag all he wants. We will snicker.

The Trump brand does nothing for Chicago. The Trump stamp is a ugly tattoo on an otherwise beautiful structure. Unfortunately, Chicago will have to endure this ugliness in perpetuity.

The Trump stamp will never be famous. It will never be iconic. It will be a sad reminder of a bad joke played by Donald Trump on himself and the people of Chicago.

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