The 30th Printers Row Lit Fest

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The Printers Row Lit Fest has been a Chicago Institution since 1985. Held between Congress and Polk Streets on Dearborn Avenue, the Lit Fest is a book lover's and readers delight.

The area was once Chicago's printing and book publishing center.

Dearborn Station, located at Polk Street, provided passenger train service from 1885 to 1971. It was remodeled in and turned into a commercial and retail center during the mid 1980s as the South Loop was developing into a gentrified area.

The fest was held over this past Saturday and Sunday.

The Printers Row Lit Fest was initiated by the Near South Planning Board. In 2002 it was purchased by the Chicago Tribune.  Over 200 hundred booksellers and other vendors participate. The fest draws about 150,000 people over its two day run.

The Chicago Tribune provides tent stages where authors and Tribune reporters discuss books, food and cooking, and some of the Tribune reporters columns.

Local businesses, especially food establishments, benefit from the influx of people to the Lit Fest.

On Sunday, during a panel discussion with his editor, Mark Jacob and sidekick, Will Lee, John Kass announced the Rahmfather, a rare and precious work of art, had been returned as mysteriously as it was taken. It is apparent his threats to go Jack Bauer and walking around the Tribune Tower looking and talking like a Robert DiNiro villain paid off. Fear of retribution imbued common sense into the thief or thieves.

Beware of Greeks bearing grudges.

One personal incident marred the Lit Fest. On Saturday, after leaving the fest, I was almost run down by three terrorist bicyclists riding their instruments of death on the sidewalk, weaving between several pedestrians. I exclaimed, "Look at these F@#$ing morons."

One of the whiny needy cyclists, a shirtless, skeletal looking guy wearing Bermuda shorts, took umbrage. "Who are you calling a moron?"

I pointed at him and replied, "You, you f@#$ing moron." The pedestrians stood agape, staring at me as if I was some kind of wild criminal lunatic. Evidently it offends the oh so overly tender sensitivities of people to call a moron a moron. Naturally, morons do not wanted to be pointed out in public either.

Later, on State Street, a pair of two wheeled terrorists were riding Divvy bikes on the sidewalk, imperiling pedestrians.

We do not have to worry about those five terrorists President Obama exchanged for the P.O.W. We have our own home grown terrorists in Chicago. They are the reckless, heartless, soulless bicycle riders on their two wheeled weapons of mass destruction. There is only one solution. They should be scooped up off the sidewalks, rendered to Gitmo, and held until we can exchange them with foreign countries for cab drivers.


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