Habitat ID Maserati Gold Coast Block Party

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Exotic and luxury cars are beautiful works of art. Combine them with music, beautiful people, art, jewelry, cosmetics, booze, and designer pastries and you have a perfect event for charity.

On Saturday afternoon, Maserati Gold Coast held a "block party" for Habitat ID. The event was held in the showroom of Bentley Gold Coast, 875 N. Rush Street. The dealership sells luxury and exotic brands, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Rolls-Royce.

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They also sell various luxury brands of jewelry, which are works of art.

The great art work adorning the walls of the dealership is also for sale.

Top that off with great music by D.J. Madrid and artistic pastry from Dessert Concepts. Pastry chef Omar Martinez competed in one of the Food Network Challenges.

There was a Maserati sponsored after party at the Kensington roof garden. Reports were this was sold out.

Maserati Gold Coast is part of the Perillo Auto Group. Joe Perillo is a well known name in Chicago's auto industry Mr. Perillo opened his first dealership in 1975. Like most successful Chicago business people Joe Perillo, takes great pride in doing good things and giving back to the community. It is the reason Chicago is the heart of the nation.

Habitat ID is an international wildlife organization.

Habitat ID’s mission is to discover areas where abandoned wildlife still hangs on, to attract the attention and commitment of governments and conservation organizations, and to ensure that wildlife receives adequate protection, before it disappears forever.

Habitat ID aims to offer conclusive evidence that notable wildlife remains in areas where its existence is being ignored, and to provide this field data to governments and conservation groups. We intend to lead the fight in protecting this planet’s last tropical wilderness areas, and to provide much-needed field support for the fragile network of park systems taking hold around the world to protect our most fascinating, unique and beautiful creatures. (http://habitatid.org/)

Maserati swag bags with Habitat ID tee shirts and Maserati hats were handed out to event goers. Cocktails, beer, and wine were available. The pastry by Chef Martinez was over the top delicious.

The Near North area was crowded on such a nice afternoon. People stopped in to look at the exotic cars and learn about a worthwhile charity.

Rush Street is called the "Street of Dreams". It is a place where good things happen. Even charities have dreams.

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