ACTIVATE a cocktail party in an alley

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The Chicago Loop Alliance held a pop up party at a downtown loading dock on Thursday evening.

The pop up was held in the Sullivan Center alley (North side of Monroe between State and Wabash). The pop up was part of the Chicago Loop Alliance's Activate program, a series of art and music utilizing alleys in the loop.

"Chicago Loop Alliance creates, manages and promotes high-performing urban experiences, attracting people and investment to the Loop." (Chicago Loop Alliance)

More events are planned for the summer and fall.

The event was well attended by mostly young people. Cocktails were provided and a nearby restaurant was handing out samples of its pizza. Last year a similar event was held at Couch Place, an alley between State and Dearborn, just south of Lake Street. These events draw attention to the Loop and offer a convenient was for people to socialize after work in an artistic environment.

According to the Chicago Tribune, these types of events are called placemaking. "Placemaking, around since the 1960s and now a global trend, reimagines public spaces to help strengthen the connection between people and their communities, facilitate social interaction and stimulate business." (Chicago Tribune)

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