Concierge Preferred Trade Show at Navy Pier

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Entrance to the Concierge Preferred Trade Show at Navy Pier's Crystal Gardens. (Peter V. Bella)

Concierge Preferred held their trade show at Navy Pier's Crystal Gardens on Tuesday. Exhibitors were the Who's Who of the Chicago hospitality industry. This year's theme was "Chicago Tourism Built to Win" with a sub theme of "55 million or bust". The latter was a tie in to Mayor Rahm Emanuel's goal of having 55 million tourists coming to Chicago annually by 2020.

Hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos, booster organizations, and other Chicago area based services had exhibition booths and tables at the show.

The food exhibitors were a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. Their was plenty of culinary creativity on display.

"The Trade Show was designed to forge relationships between the concierge community, the meeting and event planning industry, and businesses that cater to Chicago’s visitors." (Concierge Preferred)

1500 people from the Chicago area hospitality industry were expected to attend the all day affair.


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