Atlantic City woos Chicago

The Atlantic City Alliance held a publicity luncheon for media and event planners at Sub 51 (Hub 51) on Wednesday. Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian and a team of marketing and convention personnel pitched Atlantic City's many offerings as a travel destination.

Mayor Guardian announced starting Wednesday, United Airlines is initiating non-stop flights from O'Hare to Atlantic City.

The goal is to get people to "DO AC".

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Atlantic City Mayor, Don Guardian flanked by Legends in Concert Tribute singers.

Entertainment was provided by Legends in Concert tribute singers Liza Minnelli (Suzanne Goulet) and Lady Gaga (Tierney Elizabeth). Both singers are known for their accurate portrayals of the real stars.

Atlantic City Alliance and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is spending 0ne million dollars in an ad campaign to woo people from Chicago and Houston to Atlantic City.

Dioramas will be erected in Ogilvie and Union Stations, as well as billboard signage on I 294.

Besides the entertainment, a multi-media presentation highlighted all the various attractions in Atlantic City. Besides gaming, Atlantic City staff stressed other recreational activities.

"From sandals to stilletos and fois gras to funnel cakes, Atlantic City offers something for everyone. Enjoy world class entertainment, dining, shopping, gaming,relaxing on the beach, and strolling the historic Boardwalk in the city to escape the city" (DO AC handout)

Mayor Guardian and the Atlantic City Alliance wanted to make the point that Atlantic City is a year round destination offering much more than gaming. They want to draw tourists, events, conventions, and trade shows to the seaside resort. Like Las Vegas, Atlantic City is evolving from being known mainly as a gaming town to a family and business friendly travel destination.

In 2012, the ACA partnered with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to launch a $20 million tourism marketing campaign to promote the many different attractions Atlantic City has to offer. The theme was "Do Anything, Do Everything, Do AC".



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