'A photograph is the biography of a moment'

"Art Shay's photography shakes you up, sets you down gently, pats you on the head and then kicks you in the ass."  (Roger Ebert/artshay.com)

"Art Shay's one of the best photo-journalists I know. I've been a fan of his work since before I launched Playboy." (Hugh Hefner/drkrm)

"Shay's work has the intensity of Hemingway, the depth of Dostoevski and the passion of Melville." (Michael Moreci/drkrm)

Art Shay is a Chicago legend and an icon. The only thing Art Shay loved more than photography was his wife, Florence.

As a tribute to his wife of 68 years, who died in 2012, Art Shay has an exhibit at Columbia College's Museum of Contemporary Photography. It is simply called "My Florence". The exhibition runs through May 24, 2013.

If, as Art Shay asserts, "A photograph is the biography of a moment," then My Florence is the biography of a wife.

This short video is describes "My Florence" best.

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