Taxes unionized college football and more taxes

“Today, I propose that we take the path that is honest and responsible, the path that protects everyday families and invests in their future,” he said. (Governor Pat Quinn/Chicago Tribune)

When politicians, especially politicians from Chicago, use the word "honest", I laugh and laugh, and laugh. I laugh at them and at the low information voters who put them in office.


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn (Chicago Tribune)

Pat Quinn lied. The temporary tax increase was always intended to be permanent. Now, he wants to be honest. The tax increase should stay.

Quinn does not say how hard working families paying more taxes will be helped by this. He just says they will.

Unfortunately there will be all those low information voters who will vote for Quinn again. There will be low information journalists and editors who will sing his praises. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, I vote for you," should be the official motto of Illinois.

Pat Quinn was being dishonest when he proposed the "temporary" tax increase. His stewardship of Illinois has been recklessly irresponsible. He compounds his dishonesty and irresponsibility by claiming emergency services, social and human services, and education will suffer. The rest of the state's non-essential feather bedding bureaucrats will get along just fine.

Speaking of taxes, Northwestern University football players won a decision from the local NLRB office to unionize. This will go through many more hearings and probably all the way to the United States Supreme Court.

IRS 605

Image: IRS

If, as the players and NLRB claim, they are employees and their scholarships, housing, and other gimmes are salaries, then the IRS should step in and force them to pay income taxes just like the rest of us mere mortals.

They should also be forced to pay back taxes and full penalties for the previous years. That is only fair. Make them pay.


Mike Madigan (Chicago Tribune)

Then, we have Mike Madigan's 3% surcharge on incomes over a million dollars.

"The Madigan proposal would ask voters in November to impose an additional 3 percent surcharge on income over $1 million, on top of the regular personal income tax rate." (Chicago Tribune)

Madigan claims the surcharge is for the children, for education.

How nice. How cute. How nauseating. Mike Madigan is another Chicago politician known for his honesty. Which means he lies.

By the way, Mike Madigan and his law firm help millionaires, billionaires, and corporations lower their property tax bills. When that happens, you pay more.

Low information voters will vote for this proposal. Low information journalists and editors will support this proposal. Illinois has the dumbest voters in America. The politicians have a saying, "Never under estimate the stupidity of the average voter". They never do.

Oh, and the Republicans are no better. They are in bed with the Democrats. There is really only one party in Illinois, the Opportunist Party.

Fellow tax payers, you are being hosed by the most reckless, incompetent, and feckless politicians in the nation. Penguins could do better than these people.

There really is only one cure for the problem. Vote out all incumbent politicians. Stop being sheep. Stop being part of a party- that is the dumbest thing you can do.

Just do not vote for any incumbent. That will send a very strong message.

But, I am wasting words. The politicians are right. The average Illinois voter is dumber than a box of rocks.

You get the government you deserve. Illinois, you deserve reckless, incompetent, and feckless government.

Stay stupid my friends.






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